West Coast Bliss at Sea Shack (Outside Cape Town)

Imagine waking up to the soothing sound of lapping waves as a fresh ocean breeze gently welcomes you to a new day. As you roll out of bed, you open the shutters to your front row view of a private beach.

Welcome to Sea Shack, an eco-friendly utopia just outside of Paternoster up the West Coast of South Africa.

The Story

“Sea Shack began millions of years ago when a beautiful bay was birthed. This bay, like a new born baby, was the calm amongst the storm. Nestled within the ferocity of the West Coasts seas, this bay was like no other. As if it had been from the Mediterranean, it soon became the home to all sea creatures and birds alike, rejoicing in its serenity.

Now some Millions of years later, we have strived to make it a place as special and serene for our visitors as it is for its fauna neighbours.”

We spent the weekend with a group of friends celebrating Debbie’s birthday and it was bliss. We explored the coast, relaxed in the sun with cold beverages, snacks, books and great company before adding some warm layers and cooking dinner around the large campfire.


Luckily two couples in our group brought a sea kayak and SUP boards (Stand Up Paddle Boards); which was lots of fun. It’s peaceful yet refreshing being out on the water. The Atlantic Ocean is icey so it was great to be able to enjoy the crisp blue sea from a floating device and not submerged in the ankle-aching water. We happened to be there during a brief crayfish season so a few of the guys bought permits in town and tried their luck at diving for the tasty creatures.


As Sea Shack is situated in the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, it is home to indigenous wildlife. On our walks along the coast we spotted seals, tortoises, a variety of rock pool creatures, and sadly a beached whale.

Eco-friendly with ease

If you are deterred by the eco-friendly nature of Sea Shack, don’t be. I hardly even noticed that we didn’t have electricity as the communal kitchen appliances and geysers are powered with gas, you get your own solar-powered lamp and there is a plug point to charge your mobile phones if need be. The showers and toilet facilities are great and are houses in separate sea shacks.

A weekend at Sea Shack felt like a week’s holiday and we left feeling sun-kissed, relaxed and fortunate to have been able to spend time at this lesser-known West Coast spot.