Visiting St Lucia (Escape to the Sun)

Going on holiday is usually one of the biggest events in your year. Once it’s booked and paid for, you spend your year keeping watch on the shops for holiday bargains and sales, you choose your luggage and you buy your sunscreen. It’s one thing you could look forward to the most above everything else including Christmas.

When you pick your destination, you’ll need to think about what you look for in a holiday and if you want sun, sea, sand and shopping then you need St Lucia. Holidays are the ultimate escape and going as far flung as St Lucia is a potentially once in a lifetime experience. With shores drenched in sunshine, sand as white as snow and towering Pitons overlooking everything you do, St Lucia is an obvious treasure.

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Take your pick over your activities and get down to business with the locals. Spend one day charting the rainforest on a tour with a group, spend the next day a conqueror of volcanoes. It’s absolutely packed with activities and for the solo explorer, it’s one of the most empowering places to go and discover Just You. Being one with yourself and enjoying whatever you want to do without answering to anyone else? Yep, that’s definitely an experience not to be missed.

So, before you go, make sure you put together a list of things you want to do and see. There’s plenty to do in St Lucia to keep everyone happy and you can find yourself an adventure in St Lucia. Heading to the Anse Chastenet Resort will open up the chance to go jungle biking. If you’ve never been before, you’re in for an absolute treat! You can drive through the old plantations and end up at the Anse Mamin beach, which is secluded, sun-soaked and with unspoilt sands.

The views across the calm oceans alone are worth the journey. You can pick up adventure when you go on the Segway trails, get your walking boots on and hike up the volcanic rock and then zip-line down into the jungle. Your heart will be racing with all the sights and sounds, and when you travel in a tour you will get the chance to talk to the locals and the guides, who may have lived in St Lucia their entire lives and can give you interesting little nuggets of information to take home with you.

St Lucia is the home to the indigenous birds in the Babonneau Rainforest. It’s really hard not to be thrilled and excited by the flora and fauna of the island. You can make a point of going to visit Soufriere, which is known as the Pearl of the Caribbean. It’s home to the world’s only volcano that you can drive into! The volcano is breath-taking in sight, but the smell may take your breath away too as you breathe in the slightly disgusting sulphuric smell of rotten egg!

Still, it’s not every day you can course up a volcano so rotten eggs aside, enjoy the experience. If you’ve had enough of rock climbing, visit the botanical gardens at Diamond Falls. It’s not just about the tropical plant life, so different from what you get in the suburbs, but it’s also the place to see hot mineral springs and the falls. It’s one of the natural wonders in St Lucia and while it may be hard to comprehend why when reading about it, you’ll see what we mean when you get there.

While there’s so much to do at land level and then above land level with the volcanos, there’s a whole other world to see below sea level. St Lucia is famed for its coral reefs and plethora of marine life. Cooling off in the sea after a day of sunbathing is one thing, but strapping on that scuba suit and mask and diving below the sea gives you a tranquillity you wouldn’t find with a cocktail in hand on the beach.

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Sea horses, sea turtles, lobsters and puffers are only some of the life you’ll see below the crystal clear waters and you get a front row seat to how they live below. It’s not The Little Mermaid you’ll be looking for, but Sebastian! The peace you find below the water along with only the sounds of the air you are breathing is something to be discovered.

If you fancy something a little more robust, get your feet onto a boat. From kite surfing to boating around the shores there is plenty to do on the water as well as under it. Zip along the crest of the waves as you windsurf around the shores and get active in the azure water. Let the breeze carry you along and experience a world at speed.

While you’re busy with all these activities, you’re bound to get hungry. The cuisine on the island is influenced by Creole and if you make a point of having your holiday out of season in October, you’ll be on the right track to visit during the rum and food festival that St Lucia hold every year. Laze on the beach with curried lamb, jerk chicken and grilled prawns and really get immersed in the culture. It’s the place to go if you are a fan of rum so make time to visit the Rum Distillery on the island.

Of course, St Lucia has so much more to offer as an island to visit. It’s suitable whether you bring your family, want a romantic break with your significant other or you just want to go alone to experience the food, the smells and the sights of a land far away.

St Lucia has so much to offer that it’ll be hard for you to say goodbye! The historic sites, beautiful bays and the potential for exploring more than just an island is so obvious and your holiday can truly be one of a lifetime here. St Lucia is right there so why not book yourself a break today?