Travel Guide to 14 Wonders of the World (Natural and Man-Made)

Our little planet is an incredible place. Across our globe, there are many wonders for you to explore and experience on your travels. If you’re keen to visit as many incredible parts of the world as you can, then we have the definitive list of wonders you must see. The New Seven Wonders of the World are incredible feats of engineering, building, and architecture. Humans have definitely left their mark on the planet, and these seven are considered the most incredible:

  • The Taj Mahal in India is an amazing marble mausoleum and represents some of the best of Muslim art.
  • The Palace Tombs at Petra provide a great insight of Middle Eastern culture, dating back to the 9th century BC.
  • Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro is 38m tall and was inaugurated in 1931.
  • The Machu Picchu is an abandoned 15th-century Mayan city in a stunning setting in the Amazon, that was rediscovered in 1911.
  • The Great Wall of China is the world’s largest man-made monument. It was built as a defensive structure taking decades to complete.
  • The Roman Colosseum stands after 2000 years as a testament to the great Roman Empire.

While humans may have achieved a significant impact on our planet, Mother Nature beats us every time. For your next global adventure, why not experience some of what this planet provides:

  • The Aurora Borealis. This stunning show of lights can be seen from places like Norway and Finland at various times of the year. Beautiful dancing streaks of yellow, green and blue light up the sky.
  • The view from Mount Everest is epic because it is just so high! Take a tour to climb part of this mountain with specialist instructors. It stands at over 8800 feet high and its peak sits on the border between China and Nepal.
  • If you like big, you’ll love the Great Barrier Reef! The Reef is situated off the coast of Queensland Australia. This enormous natural habitat is home to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park that protects it. The reef is home to a substantial amount of coral and other marine life that is threatened daily by man and nature. It can even be seen from space. You can find out what else Australia has to offer if you look up Global Tour Specialists.
  • You can also find tours of the Grand Canyon as it is one of the world’s most famous tourist hotspots. It is certainly one of those places you have to see to believe. Helicopter tours are very popular. More and more people are attempting walking and climbing routes through the 277 miles of terrain.
  • Victoria Falls is an amazing waterfall sitting on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It features the world’s largest sheet of falling water. It’s very nearly twice the height of Niagara Falls in America and can make quite a substantial noise.
  • Rio de Janeiro Harbor is a bay stretches a whopping twenty miles inland, and stunned the European explorers who first landed here five hundred years ago. This extraordinary harbor has 130 little islands dotted about within the water.
  • The final Natural Wonder on our list is Parícutin. This Mexican volcano suddenly leaped out of the landscape of a local farmer in 1943. By 1952, it was over 420 meters high.

You might choose man’s own, or one of Mother Nature’s Seven Wonders. Any of these fourteen will give you the vacation experience of a lifetime.