Tips for Adventurous Traveller (What Makes A Good Adventure)

Those of us who love to travel will often see it as an adventure. The level of adventure involved will obviously depend on a lot of factors. Are you staying in your own country? Going to a neighboring one? To the other side of the world?

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Distance isn’t the only thing that affects this, of course. And there is the question of different kinds of adventure. The good kind, or the bad kind? The mere use of the word “adventure” implies some amount of risk, or at least leaving your comfort zone. If you’re planning a holiday, it makes sense to be adventurous – but it’s how you control the level and the kind of adventure that matters. If the choice is between smooth sailing and rough seas, then here’s how you keep the ocean calm…

Good Adventure: Seeing A Place Not Many People Go To

Although there are many places we can all go, the spread of where people go for holidays is narrow and dependent on where they’re from.

A UK tourist will see France as a simple trip, Germany as slightly more esoteric and Fiji as exotic. An Australian meanwhile might feel the same way respectively about New Zealand, Japan, and Estonia. Trying somewhere most of your friends have never been is fun – you can set out with no preconceptions and discover something.

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Bad Adventure: Going Somewhere Without Doing Research

With the level of information out there and the travel networks open to us, there are no countries we can’t visit at all. Even the most insular regime in the world, North Korea, allows inbound tourism.

However, going somewhere out of the ordinary without doing your homework is unwise. Some public beaches in Dubai will see you arrested if you wear a bikini, for example. If, in North Korea, you are deemed to have acted with insufficient respect for its leader, you also may be arrested.

Good Adventure: Do Something That Makes You Wince

Feel the fear and do it anyway! This is the advice so often given about leaving your comfort zone. Being on holiday is the perfect time to give this a try, too. Whether it is an extreme rollercoaster or food that makes you flinch just to look at it, it will get the adrenaline flowing.

Bad Adventure: Not Having The Right Documents

A lot of us like to travel light – we will turn up to the airport with little more than hand luggage, or an empty case we plan to fill while away. Not bothering with many clothes is one thing, but you do need to make sure you have the right documentation. You may not need a visa, but do you know that for sure? You can click here for more information to tick that one off your list right now. You’re welcome!

If you are crossing borders while on holiday, do both countries have the same laws when it comes to documentation? This is not a situation where “I forgot” will cut much ice.

It’s fun to be a free spirit on holiday and, as long as you have the important prep done before setting off, you can be. But just remember that some of this will, by necessity, take several weeks before being processed. So don’t wait until a couple of weeks, or days before, and then expect authorities to rush your application. It doesn’t matter to them if you’re travelling soon. Planning like this is in your hands, and no one else’s.