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Australia’s top destinations for food and drink

A lot of people choose somewhere to travel to on the basis of the food and drink served in the area. After all, we want to endeavor some delicious cuisine while we are on holiday. And drink to our heart’s … Continue reading

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Four countries that you need to visit at least once in your life

I love the quote by Matthew Karsten that an investment in travel is an investment in yourself. I pretty much live by this and am always planning my next adventure. There are so many places that I’d love to travel … Continue reading

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Questions you should ask about Sydney before you travel there

Source Sydney is probably one of the most visited places in Australia. So much so, people often think it is the country’s capital city, rather than Canberra! Even though it is a well-trodden tourist destination, there are still a few … Continue reading

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The 3 best cities to visit in Australia

Australia is a vast country. It’s a lot larger than you think and there are some amazing parts of Australia. With the Great Barrier Reef, incredible sight seeing opportunities and a varied climate. It has some incredible cities and places to … Continue reading

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Questions to ask yourself when planning a trip to Australia

Heading to Australia? Here are a handful of questions to ask yourself while planning your trip. Have I factored in a good variety of locations and activities? With so much on offer in a place like Australia, it would be … Continue reading

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Three beautiful and underrated cities

What is the best city in the world? The answers people give to this question are rarely a surprise. New York City! London! Paris! Tokyo! It hardly seems fair. There are other cities out there. Some are so wildly interesting … Continue reading

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4 Things you must do while in Perth

If you are planning to visit Australia this year, either on holiday or for business, you have to visit Perth. The capital of Western Australia, Perth, is a fantastic city and somewhere that should be on every traveller’s bucket list. … Continue reading

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