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Incredible things to do during a gap year in South Africa

South Africa has become an increasingly popular gap year destination, and it’s not hard to see why. With exotic animals, incredible cities and vast landscapes to name but a few, it’s a place of wonder and excitement. It also has … Continue reading

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Tick these adventures off your Bucket List on a gap year

A gap year is the time to find yourself and explore new cultures with different adventures. It can be the year where you discover what you really want to do in life. Or, it might be the time when you … Continue reading

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Here’s how to plan a memorable gap year in Costa Rica

You might not think it, but some people find planning a gap year to be an exhausting process. The truth is, it only gets like that if you make it so. As with anything in life, there are good and bad … Continue reading

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Our Vietnamese Bucket List

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Vietnam with two of my legendary friends. It’s happening. Work leave has been approved, tour guide Terrence (Taryn) is momentarily fun-employed so has planned the whole itinerary (What a gem!) and it’s time to … Continue reading

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Travel is not a guilty pleasure

You should never feel guilty about creating opportunities and making time to travel. Travel should not be categorised as a guilty pleasure that is hampering your career or five year plan. We only have a limited time on this earth … Continue reading

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My next adventure: Vietnam for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

So after being back to normality and routine in wintery Cape Town a month and a half after returning from Bali, my itchy feet are getting out of control again. While bed ridden with nasty bronchitis a week or so … Continue reading

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The best way to explore Florida

Think about a trip to Florida, and I bet you’re picturing Mickey Mouse and a week at Disney World. Am I right? The sunshine state is synonymous with Disney and its magnificent theme parks. But, that’s just one side of … Continue reading

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