Summer in Britain – A Guide for Holidaymakers

You don’t always have to go the usual summer destinations to enjoy a wonderful summer; Britain has a lot to offer. Who needs the Mediterranean when you have Cornwall? Britain has its own unique beauty in the summer time. And yes, the rain is occasionally a part of that but it wouldn’t be a British summer without changeable weather.

Now that winter is firmly in the rearview mirror; if you live in the northern hemisphere it’s time to start planning your summer holidays. This quick and easy guide will give you some ideas when planning your British holiday.

The Lake District

If you’re looking for unbeatable views in the stunning countryside, the Lake District is the place for you. And that’s before you get onto the lakes. There’s so much variation in the landscape for you to explore.

You can take it easy and enjoy the views, or you can have an active holiday. There are many watersports for you to try and the hiking and mountain biking opportunities are limitless.


If the Lake District is an example of unspoilt beauty, Yorkshire combines natural wonder with an industrial heritage. There’s nowhere else like it in Britain, and that’s why so many visitors flock there every year.

You can spend all day exploring the moors and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But if that’s not for you, the county has developed a strong reputation for amazing arts and heritage attractions in recent years too.


Scotland has an identity of its own, which is to be expected. So if you’re tired of England, you can make the short trip across the border and experience an entirely new environment and landscape.

The one place you must visit if you holiday in Scotland is Edinburgh. It’s a small yet vast city. You can spend hours exploring the streets and independent shops. Then there’s Edinburgh Castle to look around. And once you’re done with Edinburgh, don’t forget to visit Loch Ness.


The biggest thing Cornwall has to boast about is its incredible coastline. In most places in Cornwall, the beaches are unspoilt and quiet. You can spend the whole summer in the region, exploring its many towns and villages along the coast.

It also has some of the best restaurants and accommodation in the country. Old Bridge House in Looe offers stunning harbour views and you’ll you’ll be treated to great seafood.


Rural idylls and seaside escapes aren’t what everyone wants from a summer holiday though. Summer in the city can be just as much fun. If you stay in London over the summer months, you’ll never be stuck for things to do.

The bars and cafes are vibrant all year round, but especially in the summer. And there are loads of wonderful parks and green spaces dotted around the city. If you don’t fancy London, try Birmingham or Manchester, they both offer something different to first-time visitors.

So don’t let Britain’s notoriously unpredictable weather put you off, there’s so much to experience and enjoy.