How to Spend the Best Family Time on NY Slopes (Traveller’s Guide)

Going on your first ski vacation as a family can be a ridiculously exciting time. However, you need to make sure you’re properly prepared. Even if you’ve been on your own before, going with your family can be a very different experience. This guide will help you to have the best time imaginable: 

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Have Lessons First

If you’ve never had a ski lesson in your life, don’t expect to turn up to your chalet and be a pro skier, or even an amateur skier. You’ll likely feel out of your depth, and regret not getting any practice in before you got there. Book some lessons before you go so you at least feel confident on the baby slopes. Make sure the whole family gets a little practice in first to make the most of this trip.

Find The Perfect Accommodation

Make sure you have the right accommodation for your family. You could stay on a ski resort, or a place just a short while away from one for a little more privacy. There are a few Windham rentals that could be what you’re looking for, but make sure you consider what your family need in a rental first.

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Make Sure Your Kids Know What To Expect

As a ski vacation is usually very different to any other kind of vacation, make sure your kids know what to expect before they arrive too. You can read books with them, or watch TV shows that can give them a good idea of what they’re going to be doing.

Take The Right Supplies

Make sure you take the right supplies with you. Make sure you’ve packed proper protection from the elements, like SPF and sunglasses. However, you don’t need to take everything. It’s a good idea to simply rent equipment before you arrive so you don’t have to buy it and spend too much money. It only makes sense to buy your own equipment if you’re avid skiers.

Go At The Right Time Of Year

Different times of year may suit you as a family. If you don’t mind peak season, going around Christmas/New Year time could be a good idea. However, if you want it to be nice and quiet, going in January is usually best. It all depends on what kind of atmosphere you’d like while you ski!

Book Childcare In Advance

If you want a day with just you and your partner, either so you can do the difficult slopes or go for a romantic meal, you could book childcare in advance. If you don’t, then make sure you want to have your kids with you all the time. Don’t count on being able to secure childcare once you arrive, or you may end up disappointed.

Consider Transportation

How are you going to get from A to B? You’ll need to consider transportation before you do anything else too. There may be buses, trains and trams depending on where you go. If you want luxury transportation, you could even book a limousine for your family!

Limit Your Kid’s Time On The Snow

It’s a good idea to limit your kid’s time on the snow. It’s easy for them to get exhausted without realizing it, especially if they’re having a great time. Make sure they get plenty of rest and nourishment.

Hopefully these tips will help you to have the best family ski vacation you could ever hope for. If you have tips of your own, leave them below.