Reflections of Being A Settled Nomad

It has almost been a year since I jumped ship (yacht) in the Bahamas and decided to move home to South Africa. Time has flown by and in some ways it feels like it was just a few months ago; yet at the same time it feels like a decade ago. As Oprah says, it’s all part of your journey and where you’re meant to be.

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A yachting website called called Yachtie Pages contacted me yesterday to ask whether they could post one of my old yachting blog posts; which led me to think about how life has changed since then. I’m also extremely excited about this weekend as three of my yachting friends are arriving in Cape Town to visit. The last time I saw these friends was in Florida, USA, just before I flew home so it’s going to be so great to be have a proper catch up and reunion. Why am I rambling on about all of this? While I was driving home from work today, these thoughts triggered a little reflection.

Do I miss the yachting lifestyle? Obviously I miss the travel, earning tax-free US Dollars and meeting interesting people from all over the world but then I think of my present. Although I’m earning half of my former salary, am taxed on that amount and have to pay for my rent, groceries and other living costs; I feel like I definitely made the right decision for me as I have grown immensely and am a better version of myself since settling back down in Cape Town. And more importantly, I’m happy and back to being just me.

Last year was a big year for my family and friends with landmark birthdays and weddings that I just couldn’t miss. When my grandfather passed away last March, it was the last straw for me. I actually lost it and knew that I had to return home to South Africa after yachting for almost three years. I was also ready to return to my pre-yachting career and was so lucky to get my foot in the door at one of the best digital marketing agencies in SA called Hellocomputer (New website coming soon).

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Not only do I work with interesting, talented creatives; I’ve also made some good friends at work. Each day I am learning, developing my skill set as well as improving my writing. My Dad (my constant blog editor) has been quiet in recent months and said to me that he feels some of my recent pieces are some of my better ones. Thanks Dad. 😉

And in the relatively short time I’ve been working at HC I have been lucky enough to have been involved in some great projects. Last week Hellocomputer won two Bookmark Awards (It’s like the Oscars of SA’s digital advertising world) for the Invest Asset Management ‘The Journal’ microsite that I spent many hours working on last year with the rest of the team. Needless to say I did a happy dance and had a massive smile on my face after I heard that our team had won two silvers.

In other work news, a massive campaign that I have been working on since May last year has finally gone live and I’m very excited about it’s future development and success. Check out the video and for my South African readers, you’re invited to join the fun on

My thoughts may seem ying to yang, but I value all my past experiences and how they have led me to this moment in time and have prepared me for the next steps of wherever they may lead me. For example, each day at work I realize how fortunate I am to have spent so much time in Europe, the USA and surrounds as it has exposed me to first world technologies and brand campaigns which have proved very useful in my current line of work.

With a blog like mine, it’s no secret that I am infatuated with local and international travel; however, I’m enjoying the settled life in Sea Point, Cape Town. Leigh and I live in a small but cosy apartment up the road from the promenade and each morning I look out at the horizon and breathe in the sea air as I head to work with a spring in my step (most days).

 My itchy feet will always be niggling but, as with all things in life, it’s all about balance. I will always travel and in four months time I will be jet setting on a short trip again. I cannot wait to travel to Bali at the end of June on an Eat, Pray, Yoga holiday with Sharni Quinn from Follow The Sun. Last weekend I attended a three hour workshop with her and left with a happy heart and a taste of what our Bali trip will be like. Daily yoga, meditation sessions, cycling through the rice paddies, snorkeling day trip, exploring markets and enjoying reasonable spa treatments while just absorbing the culture, scenic views, warm ocean and Balinese cuisine. ***Daydreaming*** Thank you yachting savings.