6 Reasons to Make South Carolina Your Next Holiday Destination

Visiting the United States is near the top of most non-American bucket lists. After all, it is an amazing country full of many fantastic destinations.

However, rather than following the crowds to New York and Los Angeles, you might be better off hitting one of the less common destinations.

The State of South Carolina is certainly one of the leading contenders and is one that should at least make your shortlist. Here are six reasons why it should be considered.


South Carolina might not be quite as popular as Miami or other East Coast destinations. Nevertheless, it boasts a similar level of luxury. Better still, the reduced number of people makes it a lot more peaceful for those trying to recharge their batteries.

Myrtle Beach vacation rentals allow you to stay in proximity to the ultimate luxury too. You’ll gain stunning views of the scenery each morning too. What more incentive could you need?


The State of South Carolina might not be heralded for boasting many great sports teams. However, it is home to the Darlington Raceway track.

Darlington hosts the Labor Day race, which is a major event on the NASCAR calendar. If you get a chance to watch the Southern 500, you should. Even if you aren’t a massive race fan.

Its History

For those of you who don’t know, South Carolina played a major role in the history of slavery in America. This is due to its location on the East Coast. South Carolina was also the first to consent to the First Amendment.

There are various museums and establishments to learn about the history of South Carolina and indeed America as a whole. If you are interested in human history, then this is a great place to soak it in.


When it comes to nightlife, there are two things to remember about South Carolina. Firstly, it’s a coastal area. Secondly, it has a thriving student community. If you’re looking for vibrant nightlife, you won’t go far wrong.

Having said that, there are plenty of great restaurants and other evening attractions for those seeking a chilled vibe. Either way, South Carolina is more than capable of catering to your needs.

Natural Beauty

In truth, one of the greatest assets that South Carolina has going for it is the natural beauty. There are a number of wonderful wildlife sanctuaries and waterfront parks, as well as public gardens and trails.

If you are looking for a destination that will allow the family to enjoy Mother Nature at its finest, there are few better states than South Carolina. In fact, there aren’t many better in the whole of North America.

Somewhere Different

As well as being a fantastic location for a vacation, it’s also one that many of your friends won’t have experienced. This makes it extremely exciting for them to hear about your holiday tales.

Moreover, with all of the above adventures to soak in, you should have no trouble building memories that are worth sharing.