Pros and Cons of Travelling

There may be some of you that have never gone travelling before. So, I thought I’d come up with a little piece talking about the pros and cons of going on your travels. Perhaps it can help you decide whether or not to go travelling? Or, for you travellers out there, you’ll definitely relate to some of the points below.


Experiencing New Things

The best part about travelling is that you get to experience new things. Imagine a life where you did the same thing over and over again. Living in the same place and seeing the same people. That’s no life to live. Travelling will broaden your mind and let you get a taste of new cultures and people. It’s an enlightening experience; I beg you all to give travelling a go. There’s no better feeling that going to a new place and being in awe by your surroundings. Travelling can take your breath away and introduce you to new people, culture, views and experiences.

Form New Friendships

Travelling is also a great opportunity for you to form new friendships. You’ll spend weeks or months moving from place to place. No doubt you’ll spend a lot of time in youth hostels with other travellers. This gives you a chance to talk to other like-minded people. You can hear stories from their travels and share some of your own. Travelling gives you a chance to create new memories with new people. Most people return from their travels with dozens of new friends and contacts. You make friends from all over the world; it’s great. It means they can invite you to stay with them, so you get to do more travelling.


Being Away From Home Comforts

One of the worst things about travelling is having to stay away from family and friends for a long time. Other home comforts, like your bed and pets, get left behind too. Well, it is possible to get some pet friendly accommodation and bring your pets along for the fun. But, you can’t bring your bed or your mother’s home cooking with you too. It is so much fun going to new places, but you can’t help but miss a few home comforts now and then.

Paying For Everything

Don’t get me wrong, travelling is amazing, but it’s a pain to pay for everything. It won’t be cheap, and you’ll end up saving for a very long time. It’s totally worth it though. You end up working longer shifts to put some money into your savings account. The few months to a year that you spend saving up may seem long and you may feel like you’ll never have enough money to pay for it all. It takes a lot out of you, but it’s worth it in the end.

In general, travelling is amazing. It’s no secret that everyone here loves to travel, why wouldn’t you? But, like everything, it’s not perfect. There are a couple of downsides, but they don’t ruin the experience, they just make your each day abroad more memorable.