Plan a Holiday for Your Body and Soul

Our traditional ideas about holidays have changed over the years. Once it was the height of sophistication to book a package holiday and spend it by the pool. As people got more adventurous they decided they would like to see things and not only that, they wanted to do things as well. People loved to explore places and experience different cultures. These days there are those who want something a little deeper. They want their time away to make a real difference to the way they see things. How can you plan a holiday that will give you more than a travel experience?

Try and decide how best you can use your time.

You might want to consider how far you want to travel. It is entirely possible to have a spa type holiday without going too far. If you really wanted to spend your time in contemplation look around your locality for residential retreats. You may find that a few hours drive is all you need to make a break and get the most of your experience. There are probably courses ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks in your locality. A few hours drive might be enough to get an otherworld experience.

Enrolling on a structured course.

These could be a good way forward. There are plenty of these all over the world and your choice is only limited by your budget and the amount of time you have to spend. Most of us will feel that we want something a little exotic from the experience. There is nothing wrong with that. India, for example, is considered to be a leading spiritual centre. Of course, it is many other things as well. Have a think about the types of activities you could do that would sit alongside your desire to feel more fulfilled.

For example, a trip to Bali could well be classed as a trip to paradise. You could combine your trip with a stay at an ashram or a yoga centre. You could even combine your holiday and undergo a two-week teacher training course. Not only will you get a fabulous holiday with time for all the beach you could want, but you’ll also come away a wiser and better-qualified person. These teaching holidays can be quite intense, so make sure you know what you are getting into.

You’ll find similar packages in centres that attract surfers. There’s a strong connection between those who enjoy nature and like to eat well and practice yoga or meditation. A prime example of that would be somewhere like Byron Bay in Australia. There are plenty of yoga studios and surf schools in the area. Centres here regularly attract world renowned teachers. They offer all sorts of spiritual and wellness packages.

Centres in California and San Francisco lead the world in offering alternative holiday experiences. You can have the chance to explore a good healthy and organic diet along with as much or as little Yoga or meditation as you like.

Europe too can offer sun and spirituality. There is no shortage of opportunities for self-discovery in Spain, Portugal and France. For a different type of experience, you could even walk the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

For many people, it is India and, in particular, the Himalayas that are the centre of their desire to connect with spirituality. You may decide that you want nothing to do with being organised. You could simply want to immerse yourself in an incredibly beautiful place. There are many places to choose from. You could base yourself in the hill stations in South India, which makes an excellent place for extraordinary adventures.

Your holiday for body and soul could be anything you want to make it. Have a think about how much or how little you want to immerse yourself. It could be enough to simply get away from it all and relax, knowing a swim and a massage are not far away. You might find your space high in the rainforest underneath a waterfall. Wherever you go, find the place that suits you inside and out.