Places you need to explore in Asia

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Whilst you’re in Tokyo, if you do fancy taking the common trip to this major area which is popular amongst tourists, you might as well soak in elements of the culture, as well as the beautiful landscape. The robot cabaret evening shows are particularly wild and spectacular. You can rest assured that you’ll never have seen anything like them before; much like countries in the west, Japan boasts a rich and serious culture but also fun, wild, and wacky present-day entertainment. Robots, Godzillas, music, dancing, and great food… Tokyo has it all.


China is a huge and diverse country. It feels almost like a continent in its own right, but there are certainly some beautiful spots that you could cherry-pick from this fascinating country with a deep and lengthy culture. Take a flight from Beijing to Huangguoshu to see the Huangguoshu Waterfall which is 77.8 meters high. Or, if you fancy experiencing a dose of human culture rather than natural beauty then you could stay at the Xi An Hotel so as to spend some time soaking it all in. The TangBo Art Museum is absolutely fascinating and offers an entirely unique experience to any other art gallery in the world. The Xi’An City Wall is also another dose of historical culture and beautiful architecture.


If you only have time for one more place to visit on your travels to Asia then you should definitely tick Singapore off the list. Take a night safari tour of Singapore Zoo because it’s an experience like no other to see wild creatures during the latest hours of the day. The Botanic Gardens are also a particularly beautiful landmark of Singapore, of course. If you love tropical flora and other exotic elements of nature that you won’t find in your back garden then this is certainly a place to add to the bucket list.

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Why Hong Kong needs to be on your list of places to visit

Hong Kong boasts a population of over 7 million and is one of the most popular tourist attracting cities that the world has to offer. Fun activities are around every corner you turn and it is very easy to create a fulfilling vacation touring the city. Its location also gives great access to visiting other nearby Asian countries.

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Largest of Asia

Ocean Park is an attraction filled with various interactive adventures and attractions. The park’s location includes a marine mammal park, amusement park, animal theme park, and oceanarium. It is located in the Southern District of Hong Kong with a large mountain separated it into two areas. Ocean Park has been recently expanded to include over 80 rides and activities, ranking it now the 13th most visited theme park in the world and the first largest in Asia. There are so many activities here that you should take a look for yourself! If you are looking for lots of things to engage in, looking for a hotel near Hong Kong Ocean Park is a must! It’ll make it easier to travel to and from these popular destinations and booking in advance is a must.

All The Fun In One Building

The International Finance Centre (IFC) is no stranger when it comes to extravagance and prominence. Hong Kong is known for having malls that are filled with amazing displays this is no exception. The IFC is a skyscraper complex that includes endless attractions ranging anywhere from fine dining, shopping, fashion shows, a transit hub, and much more! The centre staggeringly stands as the world’s 8th tallest building, making it a grand architectural site to see. The IFC also provides good access to other interesting nearby sites for touring around.

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Just A Simple Walk

Taking a stroll across this enriched city will make you discover many destinations that are filled with entertainment for you and family or friends. Stumbling across festivals, concerts, art displays is as easy as counting one, two, three. There are plenty of activities to do within walking distance no matter where you are, so going for a peaceful stroll outdoors will always lead to an interactive journey and an unexpected adventure. The city is home to many trails for hiking, as well. Being a conglomeration of Cantonese, Shanghainese, British, and Indian culture with diverse landscapes such as mountainous terrain, beaches, forests, and city views, travelling around the city is the best way to see it for all its worth. If you want to see everything in one breathtaking view, then visiting Victoria Peak is also a must. Victoria Peak is one of the most famous attractions in Hong Kong. At a height of over 500 meters, the highest point in the city, the summit offers beautiful scenic views across the entire island.

With its diverse cultural identity, Hong Kong is home to a unique culinarian diet. The city offers many choices anywhere from street food to Michelin Star rated restaurants. A popular style of catering in Hong Kong is Dim Sum, a Cantonese series of dishes prepared in bite-sized portions. Dim Sum is a meal consisting of dumplings and other dishes served in steamer baskets and usually alongside hot tea. This dish is served in many different ways including chicken, pork, or seafood, making it a wonderful meal for anyone. With a name that translates to “touch your heart”, you can’t help but try it!

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All you need to make a better backpacking journey


Backpacking has long been a favorite way to travel, and there are many reasons that it remains so. Whatever your own reasons for travelling in this way might be, there are a number of things that you might want to pay close attention to if you want to make the most of it. As it happens, these are relatively easy and straightforward to keep an eye on, so long as you ensure that you focus on them plenty before you actually travel. So what are the things you should mostly be focusing on? To answer that, let’s take a look at the following.


Knowing how long you are actually going to be away is hugely important for a number of reasons. First of all, it generally means that you can plan much more effectively, in pretty much every facet of the trip. It is also important to be able to inform your family and friends of just how long you will be gone for, so that they can know when to start worrying if you do not return. But it also gives you as an individual something to aim for, and that can give the whole journey a much better focus on the whole. To get the timing route, you should ensure that you know exactly where you are going and for how long. You will be glad that you figured this out first.


It is a fact that backpacking can potentially be very dangerous. Of course, just how dangerous depends largely on where you are travelling, who with and what you intend to do while you are out there. But it is essential that you plan and pack with safety in mind if you want to make the most of it and have the best trip possible. For a start, you should try to ensure that your backpack is likely to suit you well for whatever safety or protection items you need to carry. Check out an explorer tactical backpack review or two first, to ensure you can achieve this. You should also be sure to carry an emergency kit, as you never know exactly what might happen on your trail. So long as you pack and plan with safety in mind, you can be sure that you will have a much better journey on the whole.



Whether to travel alone or go with someone else is one of the most important and difficult questions to answer, but it is vital that you get it right. There is no right answer, of course – the main thing is that you are aware of what you intend to do, and you are happy with the decision. If you choose to travel alone, be sure to at least inform others of your plans, just in case something should happen. If you want to travel with someone else, try to find someone whom you feel you could definitely live in close quarters with for the duration of the trip. If they will annoy you, it is probably best to avoid going backpacking with them.

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4 Ways to enhance your backpacking experience

Backpacking is one of the most liberating holiday experiences that you could get involved with. It’s something that allows you to see a country in all of its glory without the veil of tourism to blind you from what’s really beautiful about your holiday destination. However, for beginners, it can be fairly daunting for newcomers and without much experience, it’s difficult to get your foot into the door with backpacking. New backpackers usually make some critical mistakes that often lead to a bad experience, and it puts them off this holiday choice in the future. So to prepare you for the future, here is a couple of ways to help you improve your backpacking experience.


Don’t be afraid of the food

One of the things you have to have for backpacking is an iron stomach. Food is a fantastic way to get into the culture and tradition of a country, but you need to be able to eat all kinds of foods because, let’s face it, you don’t want to upset or anger the locals for spitting out their local delicacy. Train yourself by sampling lots of different foods. When offered something from the locals or from a friend, make sure you at least try it and give an honest opinion. Being open to more foods means you also don’t have to fuss around for fast food and it gives you more opportunities to go and have a meal with people.

Travel the road less travelled

Backpacking isn’t just a cheaper way to experience some of the world’s most beautiful cities. Backpacking is a way to see the lesser-known attractions that countries have to offer. You’ll get to sample the best street foods, the cheaper restaurants and the cultural destinations that won’t cost you a fortune yet are far more fulfilling.

Learn the language

When you learn the language of a country, you’ll find it a lot more comfortable to communicate with the locals and to get around town. However, you don’t have to learn the language before you travel! In fact, it’s sometimes better to learn the language once you arrive at your destination because it shows that you have a genuine interest in the country. There are plenty of schools listed on the internet to help you look for a location too. For instance, you could take Italian classes in Italy to help you learn the language. The classes don’t take very long, and it also gives you the same language qualifications you would need to actually move into the country in the future, should you decide to migrate at some point.

Engage with locals

Travelling is all about the experiences you can encounter, and many of those experiences will be aided by the locals. They’ll be able to teach you all the best places to visit, they’ll help you get started with your backpacking adventure, and they can aid you with translations, maps and so on. The friends you meet will become a huge part of what makes the backpacking experience so fulfilling, so make sure you’re not trying to avoid communicating with them.

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Think you can’t afford to travel? Think again!


Travel isn’t exactly cheap, but it may be easier for you to afford than you may think. If you’re not exactly flush with cash right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Here are the things you have to consider!

Cheap locations and cheap flights

When people say they want to “travel”, they’re usually being much vaguer than they need to be. The problem is that a lot of people who say this don’t want to travel as widely as they seem to; they just have one or two places on their ‘to visit’ list! But if you’re more open-minded about where you want to spend your time off, then it’s much easier to find less expensive locations as well as cheap flights. Of course, doing the right amount of preparation can land you reasonably-priced flights to pretty much anywhere you want to go, but you’re much more likely to be able to travel for cheap if you’re willing to spend a weekend in, say, Prague than a weekend in New York City!

Alternative accommodation options

Don’t jump immediately to the idea of getting a hotel room, because those things can be darn expensive. While it’s usually so much easier (and often more comfortable) to book a hotel, try to be open-minded about your accommodation options. While vacation rentals are often portrayed as the more expensive option, the opposite is actually true much of the time. These places also come with kitchens, so you can prepare you own meals instead of going out to a restaurant! But you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of staying in a hostel, which can provide you with very cheap accommodation if you’re willing to sacrifice some privacy!


Off the beaten track

Most popular destinations make an awful lot of money off of tourism – and they do so by charging very high fees for pretty much everything in their most popular tourist spots! When planning a trip, a lot of people seem to forget about the budgeting required to pay for the attractions at their destination. This doesn’t just include theme parks, museums, and the like; it also includes restaurants! If you’re willing to spend less time at the ‘obvious’ tourist spots and step off the beaten track, you’ll not only find some more unique places that aren’t so flooded with tourists; you’re also likely to save a bunch of money!

Traveling on credit

If you really want to get away somewhere that you don’t really have the money immediately to hand to pay for, then there’s always the option of paying for a vacation using a credit card. Many would say that this a very reasonable way of getting out there and seeing the world while you’re young. However, the idea of using credit doesn’t always make the aspiring traveler very comfortable. It’s a form of debt, after all! So you have to be confident that you’ll be able to pay all that money back within a reasonable timeframe. What you should consider doing is saving up most of the upfront costs before using a credit card. This ensures that you have the bulk of the payment ready to start paying back gradually, making it much more likely that you’ll be able to pay back the total amount in time.

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Ka-Ching: Simple ways to steal killer travel deals this summer


You can often find yourself wishing you could escape away on vacation, but feel as if you can’t afford it right now. It can be the worst. Not only do you know what you need a break, the knowledge that you may not be able to do it can make you feel even more stressed out. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. Even if you’re struggling to make your savings add up, there are a range of ways that you can save money and bag a bargain vacation this summer. And if you want to know how to do it, these ideas should help.

Shop Around

Any frugal pro will already know this, but if you want to get the best deal you possibly can on vacation, you’re going to want to make sure that you shop around. Don’t just settle for the first costs you see. Look at all kinds of tour operators and websites to dig out the best deals. You can also often find that if you book last minute, you can get a super cheap deal too.


Be Flexible

And the key to doing that? Be flexible. If you have a set date or location, you’re often going to have to pay the set prices. But, if you want to pay as little as possible for an incredible holiday, you need to be open to a range of different locations, dates, and durations. When you can be flexible, you can often choose your vacation based on the best price, rather than feel restricted by the price ranges you’re given.

Look Out For Promos

Another way to make sure you’re getting a good deal and can often realize that a vacation is in your budget this year, it to keep an eye out for deals that are being promoted. Whether you spot TV cruise deals or flight offers in your morning paper, you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled so as not to miss the best deals. Sometimes, you will find them in the strangest places, so if you’re really determined to get away, be sure to be alert at all times.


Book Direct

Another way to squeeze the cost down is to book directly with the hotel, or flight operator, or whatever kind of travel you’re looking at. Although travel companies do often get a discount so that they can make packages cheaper for you, some hotels and transport companies will give you a lower price if you go direct. Sometimes, you can even tell them that you can get it cheaper as a package and they will reduce the cost for you to go direct.

Use Your Coupons

And finally, just like you use coupons for your groceries, you might want to think about using them to bag a bargain vacation too. Because yes, travel coupons do exist. You can also often get great cash back on vacations and travel products too. That way, you can bring down the overall cost and be sure to avoid the vacation you were hoping for this year.


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How to make flying as comfortable as possible

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Vacations are meant to be about resting, relaxing and enjoying oneself, but too often, if you are flying to your holiday resort, much of your trip can end up being stressful and uncomfortable. A bad flight can almost completely ruin the vacation experience and leave you feeling tenser than you did before you jetted off. It really shouldn’t be like this, and actually, it doesn’t have to.

Here are some simple things you can do to make flying as comfortable as the resort you’re staying in:

Charter a Jet

If you’re fed up of being treated like cattle at6 the airport, and if you want to ensure that you have more space to relax and actually enjoy the experience of flying, take a look at Jettly and see if you can charter a private jet to your chosen destination. By doing this, you’re sure to start your trip right, and despite what a lot of people think, chartering a jet isn’t all that expensive, in fact, in some cases it can be cheaper than flying on a commercial airline!

Invest in a Good Travel Pillow

If you’ve ever seen someone sleeping soundly on a flight, chances are they’ve been able to do so because they’re using a travel pillow. Travel pillows made specifically for air travel, like the SkyRest travel pillow are extremely comfortable and convenient because they inflate in the space between you and your tray table, giving you a safe and comfy cushion to tap a nap on.

Don’t Forget Your Earplugs

Even if you’ve chartered a private jet, you’re going to have to put up with the noise of the engines, even if there are no crying babies or loud drunk onboard, which means that bringing along a good set of earplugs is vital to your comfort. If possible, try to invest in a set of ear plugs that have been created specifically for air travel, because many of these will not only block out annoying sounds, but they will also help to regulate ear pressure, so that you don’t feel the discomfort of changes in air pressure like you usually would.

Defend Your Knees

If you’re on a commercial plane with very little space, one of the worst things that can happen is the person directly in front of you deciding that it would be a great idea to totally recline their seat, thus invading your space and leaving you squashed up in an uncomfortable position. Luckily, you can thwart them if you take the sensible step of carrying a knee defender onboard with you.

The knee defender is a genius device, which when deployed, will make it impossible for the person in front of you to recline their seat, allowing you the breathing space you deserve.

Sleeping Aids

Of course, the best way to ensure a comfortable, care-free flight is to sleep right through it. So, if you usually find it impossible to sleep on a flight, you might want to consider a visit to the local drugstore where you can pick up any number of over-the-counter sleeping pills or herbal remedies to help you drift off and actually have a pleasant journey.

How do you ensure your comfort on plane journeys?


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