Love Traveling? Hate Spending Money

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love venturing out to all kinds of destinations. If I had the choice, I would probably spend more time traveling than I would staying on my home soil! But, the only downside to visiting new places is spending money.

The longer your visit to a particular location, the more cash you’ll need to spend on your trip there. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have an unlimited supply of money. Still, I love a challenge, and I won’t let something like cash stand in the way of having a good time.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to share some of my hot tips to save cash when you’re traveling. Feel free to share a link to this guide with your friends online if you think they could make use of it too.

You don’t always need to stay at a hotel

Most people assume the best form of accommodation is to stay at a hotel. Did you know that those costs form the bulk of your travel expenses? Quite often, they are higher than the price you pay for your flights.

When I travel, I always stay in a B&B or “bed and breakfast.” Let’s face it; when you’re on a vacation somewhere, you will seldom spend most of your time in your room. All you need is somewhere comfortable and clean to stay at. Plus, you’ll have a more personal service (and often better breakfast) staying at a B&B.

The other advantage of staying at such places is the price. You save a lot of money by using B&Bs instead of hotels on your travels.

It’s easy to eat at restaurants for less

Another significant cost of any trip away from home is food. Some folks prefer to eat junk food on their travels. Others, like myself, enjoy dining at good restaurants. Now, you doubtless think that the latter will cost a fortune.

If you’re not a savvy traveler, yes you will pay lots of money! But, it’s possible to save money on Monterey Wharf restaurants and ones in other areas. How? It’s simple:

  • Dine out when the restaurants you wish to visit have special offers;
  • Look out for coupon codes in local newspapers;
  • Use coupon or voucher smartphone apps to receive discounts before you pay.

Sometimes if you’re a member of a particular organization, you can make savings that way too. That’s because your member benefits may include “partner discounts”. In other words, you can make savings with certain restaurant brands.

Avoid the tourist traps

Sure, you’ll want to visit famous landmarks and points of interest. But, you should also stray from the tourist areas and experience what else the country has to offer. I can guarantee you that you’ll come across some hidden gems during your trips out.

And the best bit? You won’t have to pay any tourist taxes (official or otherwise) when you do that. Good luck!