How to Travel in Luxury Your Way

You may prefer globe-trotting alone but it can be a lonely life, even though you get to meet more people on your travels than most people meet in their lifetime back home.

Sometimes you may wish your mates would get some time off work, pack a bag and head off into the sunset with you. If you are looking for a way to convince them, you need to find out what else is stopping them from falling in love with travel. For some, it is simple. The thought of spending hours at an airport to then sit for hours on a plane inhaling one hundred other people’s germs puts most of us off.

If plane travel leaves a bitter taste in your mouth then it’s time, you started to book private flights from companies like Stratos Jets. You can jet set your way around the world in comfort and style, and your besties can come with you. Hiring your own planes and having the trip of a lifetime may sound too good to be true, but it can be done and you can see some of the best places in the world by traveling in style.

When you haven’t got the concern of crowded flights, you really can enjoy a private flight. If it is just you and your mates, you can travel in luxury, enjoying your favorite refreshments and treats. Fly through Europe or the Americas. Visit the Bahamas and the Caribbean. When you dictate the destination and you get to say when, you really can custom build your dream holiday. And getting to spend it with your best friends is the cherry on the top!

Often when we visit the travel agent with a shopping list of ideas for a holiday, we can come away with their version of a holiday. It can leave us a little flat and disappointed. If you have used an agent and come away with a package you weren’t entirely in control of, it could be time to start pulling the travel strings yourself. Booking your own private flights helps you to choose airports that are actually close to the regions you want to be in. You can choose exactly when it is convenient to fly. And you can be in control.

Package holidays are great, and they can work out cheaper on occasions, but if you want to go your own way and enjoy your idea of a great luxury holiday, start with choosing your own flights. Take your mates and split the cost, or even travel on your own to make the most of traveling in luxury.