How to Make Your Next Holiday Unique

Do you want to experience something completely different to your usual beach holiday this year? Lazing on a sun lounger doing very little often provides a much-needed break from your busy lifestyle. However, now and again it’s also enjoyable to spend your treasured annual time off doing something unique and memorable. If you think this summer it’s time for something different, here are some helpful tips on how to make your next holiday extra special.

Pick up a new hobby

Why not make this year totally different by combining your summer holiday with learning or improving a new skill? There are holiday packages available that focus on a huge range of subjects from cookery to crafts and dancing to Danish (and just about any other language). This type of holiday is also great if you are looking to meet new people, as you will be learning your new skill as part of a group.

Do something active

Active holidays are often the most memorable because they are both thrilling and rewarding. There are many places worldwide you can surf, ski, sail and much more. So, think of a sport or activity you have always wanted to try and find out where you can do it while on your vacation. A number of holiday resorts in Europe and elsewhere offer a range of water, outdoor and indoor activities. So they make a great choice if you want to try out a number of different things during your holiday.

Stay away from the tourist traps

Often the most unique and memorable holiday experiences come from exploring somewhere a little off the beaten track. Popular beaches and cities tend to be overcrowded in the height of summer and the prices tend to sky rocket. By going somewhere relatively unknown you are more likely to have a quieter, more relaxing and cheaper holiday. If you know someone who lives in a destination you are keen to visit, ask them for advice on where to go. Otherwise, you may wish to check out for a range of unique holidays based on suggestions provided by locals.

Do some exploring

Even with a couple of weeks, it’s amazing how much you can see of a country (or even countries). Using trains, buses or hiring a car when you get to your destination is a great way to explore a few areas during a short period of time. For example, the north of Italy is perfect for a bit micro-travelling. From Florence you can easily travel to other must-see cities like Pisa (in around an hour by train), Bologna (in around an hour by train) and Rome (in around 3 hours by train). Europe on the whole is easy to travel with great cross-border train and bus services.