Please feel free to contact me on the following platforms with advertising queries, content requests or anything else… I’m always online 🙂


Skype: katie.wilter (South Africa)

Instagram: @katie_wilter

Twitter: @Skattijay

Facebook: Eyehearttravel blog

2 Responses to Contact

  1. Suzanne McGoldrick says:

    Hi! This is such a random contact but I found your blog somehow by cruising my other yachtie friends’ blogs. Anyways I’ve been in yachting off and on since 2008 and now I’m living in Cape Town (I’m from the US), pursing a postgrad degree at UCT. It looks like maybe you’re from here or maybe even living here, not sure, but if you’re ever in the area and want to meet up let me know! Looking at this message I actually look like a giant creeper but you can look me up on social media I’m real haha…. so yea I live in Claremont, feel free to contact me if you need some connection back to those yachtie roots! Hope all is well!

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