Tips for Unforgettable Holiday Experience

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Bali’s Reminder to Stay Inspired, Always

When you step out of your daily routine, take a moment to breathe and reconnect your body, mind and soul. You’re able to adjust your priorities, be inspired and sometimes your untapped potential surprises you. Whether it’s exploring a foreign country, immersing yourself in a different culture, connecting with new people, rediscovering a mountain path … Read more

Exciting Things to Do in UK

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How to Save Money When Visiting New Zealand

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The Ultimate Guide to Traveling the World in a Motorhome

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Troubled Traveling Tummies

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Expert Advice about Moving Abroad

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Travel Guide to 14 Wonders of the World (Natural and Man-Made)

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My Favourite Jozi Findings

I spent the week in Johannesburg for business and luckily managed to fit in a bit of fun too. At the two work events, I got to interview some great SA personalities and have already compiled some content for the site I’ve spent the past year working on – so if you’re interested in what … Read more