The Best Worldwide Music Festivals

A big part of travel that we seem to lose in between long haul flights, layovers and language barriers is fun. There’s no point in travel if it isn’t fun! While sightseeing, clubbing, eating and other things are fun – it’s coming up to festival season across the globe. That means that some of the world’s best musicians will be traveling the world, just like you to perform for huge crowds worldwide.

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Of course, festivals require a bit of planning – mainly in terms of travel and supplies. You’re going to need food, drink and shelter. You’re also going to need to camp and that means tents. If it is just you, grab a two berth tent, but If there’s a group of you something like a Coleman 10 person tent will have enough room to fit everyone with your gear! Get your equipment and head out.

look no further than the Coachella Valley this summer. In between the mansions and vineyards – a festival takes place over two weekends – arguably the best music festival in the world. Coachella takes place early in the year in America and is a true smorgasbord of indie music and creativity. This year’s edition features post-rock icons Radiohead, and pop legend Lady Gaga as well as Kendrick Lamar and it’s tent friendly!

If you want a bit more excitement than the tame Coachella can offer – you need to head to Serbia and Exit Festival. Exit festival is truly unique and was founded as the cornerstone of a protest movement. What’s more, it’s held within a medieval castle. With extreme sports zones, chill out areas and plenty of music, Exit is a great experience. This year has headliners such as the Killers, Faithless and Liam Gallagher if you want a taste for the music on show, but Exit also dips its toes into electronica and punk.

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England plays host to some of the world’s most legendary music festivals – namely Glastonbury. While that’s a great festival, it shares the same roots as Coachella. If you’re looking for something else – look no further than Download festival, the new name for the legendary ‘Monsters Of Rock’. With previous headliners including Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Metallica – if you like your rock, head nowhere else. This year has bands such as Mastodon, A Day To Remember, System Of A Down and Biffy Clyro. If you want your rock to be a bit more raucous, head down the road to Bloodstock to see Ghost, Macabre, Megadeath and Amon Amarth.

Asia has plenty to offer for festivals, from the mountaintop Fuji Rock where you can see QOTSA, Gorillaz and Aphex Twin in Japan. There is also Pentaport in Korea which focuses on guitar based music and friendship in the rain. India is also the home of the rave in South Asia – you can enjoy electronic music on the outskirts of Jai Pur city in a palace. If you’re up for the travel, there might be no better destination for dance.