How to Just Drop Everything and Travel the World

Have you ever imagined how incredible it would be just to drop everything and travel the world? It’s something that enters my mind at least once a day. Then you get all the thoughts of leaving work, family, friends and life behind, and you’re instantly put off. What if we told you there is a … Read more

Fantastic Bilingual Cities to Visit

For some travelers, getting to stretch their linguistic skills is one of the best parts of exploring a new destination. However, for others, it’s something they would rather avoid. But whether you enjoy it or not, it’s only polite to make an effort with the local language, at least to learn the pleasantries. Maybe you … Read more

Five Reasons You Should Add Bali to Your Bucket List

A travel friend has luckily already been to Bali so here’s her travel advice for travellers heading in that direction. It’s the perfect read, especially for me ahead of my trip to Indo in just over a month’s time. I recently wrote about my travel experiences in beautiful Bali. For a long time I have … Read more

The Best of Sicily (A Taste of Italy)

A few days in Sicily are never enough to really have an in-depth taste of the region’s many wonders. There are so many beautiful places to visit, amazing culture and lifestyle to experience, and sumptuous dishes to taste. To visit Sicily, one must spend more than just a couple of days to truly appreciate its … Read more

First Time Travelling in Africa (What You Need to Know)

Travelling Africa is an amazing experience, but it is also very daunting. Compared to the other continents, Africa is the most extreme and punishing, which makes it the most uncomfortable in a lot of ways. Before you start your travels, then, it is important to study the region and make sure you keep yourself out … Read more

Pros and Cons of Travelling

There may be some of you that have never gone travelling before. So, I thought I’d come up with a little piece talking about the pros and cons of going on your travels. Perhaps it can help you decide whether or not to go travelling? Or, for you travellers out there, you’ll definitely relate to … Read more

Love Traveling? Hate Spending Money

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love venturing out to all kinds of destinations. If I had the choice, I would probably spend more time traveling than I would staying on my home soil! But, the only downside to visiting new places is spending money. The longer your visit to a particular … Read more

Make the Most of a Long Weekend in Vail

If you are a serious skier who fancies a change from the slow-paced ski slopes of Europe, you have to experience Colorado. Even if you only have a few days free, visiting Vail – Colorado’s ultimate skiing destination is a must. Well, if you want to experience some of the highest, fastest and snowiest ski … Read more