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This is my platform to share all things travel, arty, inspiring, and everything in between that makes me tick. I hope to share my experiences, photographs, tips and thoughts with you along my journey.


about me

katie wilter

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Snap-happy wanderer, content producer/ copywriter at Hellocomputer, freelance graphic designer, social media enthusiast, art fundi, sun worshiper, tea drinker, creative sponge with severely itchy feet and a sense of adventure.


open-minded free spirit


serious about travel


red wine

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south african passport

10 Responses to About

  1. Anton Erasmus says:

    Hi there
    Really enjoyed reading up on your adventures and the positive vibe connected to it all. And what a pleasant surprise finding out halfway into the reading that you are also a good-hearted soul from South-Africa! Lekker man! I’ve been reading up on the life and times of super yacht crew members as I’ve been thinking of taking a break of the boring office and ‘routined’ lifestyle I’m currently occupying at age 27. It’s people like you that make the decision to follow one’s heart and just take a break so much easier (although be it in the hard-working life of a yacht crew member – but very rewarding – as I’ve heard) You obviously have a talent for this, so keep up the good work in entertaining us and giving us the helpful hints we need! I’m off to do the various courses needed to become a deckhand and hopefully be in time to do some dockwalking next year in the Med! Can’t wait for the new challenges!
    Anton – ‘Sleety’ Joburg

    • katiewilter says:

      Thanks Anton! I appreciate your support and will continue to document my travels and experiences. Yachting is def an adventure so good luck and perhaps I’ll see you on that side. Stay in touch 🙂

      • Anton says:

        Hi again

        Thanks for the ‘becoming a yachtie’ segment. Really helped. I was just wondering, does age play a big part in starting as a beginner deckhand with no experience? I’m turning 29 next year. I see Ryan is 30 now, but of course have no idea how long he’s been in the industry. And you claim that your South African passport is a ‘weakness’. Should I be worried or or am I misinterpreting the statement?

        Thanks again for taking the time


      • katiewilter says:

        Hi Anton, 29 is not too old. We have a Scottish deckhand who is 31 too. Some yacht owners prefer to hire older candidates who have some more life experiences so you should be fine! My SA passport does have its challenges as you need visas wherever you go really but having a Seamans Discharge booklet helps a lot. Good Luck!

  2. Jean says:

    Howzit Katie,

    Any advice for someone wanting to come over to the Med as a chef in mid April? Getting my STWC and ENG-1 done in March and will be applying for Visa soon can you maybe give me some tips on the visa… thats the main thing i’m stressing about!!!

    lotsa love from CT

    • katiewilter says:

      Hi Jean, as a qualified and experience chef you will get a job in no time in the Med. If possible, try get a job before flying over. It may be possible as a chef. Otherwise apply for a 90 day Schengen visa. You can’t say you are looking for a job on yachts as that is technically illegal. You will therefore be on vacation/ backpacking through Europe. It is tricky but worth it when you are on a boat. I would suggest getting your CV sorted and signing up with all the agencies in the Med (see my yachting blog for more info). Good Luck and see you on that side 🙂

  3. Jean says:

    Awesome Katie, thanks for the reply!! I’m super stoked and excited!!
    Will middle to end of April be too late for Palma to get a job or will it be fine? When do the people stop hiring or venture out of Palma etc

  4. miche17 says:

    Heheh – I like the Weaknesses section – very true that having the green mamba passport can be a hindrance to worldwide travel, but it’s good for people to realise that the obstacles are not insurmountable. I’ve spent time on almost every continent with only an SA passport, so high-five to making it work!

  5. SheSheLife says:

    Just found your blog and love all your adventures! Check out some of mine at: sheshelife.net and let me know what you think!

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