5 Must-Sees in Newyork for First Timers

If New York isn’t already on your bucket list, write it down now! The Big Apple is one of the most fascinating, diverse and thriving cities on the planet. The sheer buzz and energy of the place is enough to leave you wanting more. The smells, the sounds and the sights are like no other in the world. We’ve pulled together our favourite things to do and see in the city. There are some obvious tourist attractions, and some lesser known secrets. Let’s get stuck in.

1. See the city from above

Walking around the New York City streets feels like walking among giants. The famous skyscrapers tower above you and reach towards the sky. One of the best things to do is get right to the top and see the city from above. Our top trick here is to hit The Rockefeller Center during the day (it has the best views of Central Park). Then take a trip to the top of the Empire State Building at night. It’s more central and offers amazing views of Upper East and West Side, and lower Manhattan.

2. Eat and drink

New York is famous for its food culture. It’s perhaps second only to Paris when it comes to great food. There are so many amazing choices on offer. What we like to do is make a bucket list of New York favourites to get through on our trips. (We almost never get them all!) Our favourites include a classic New York coffee, donuts and pastries, pizza, hot dogs and cheesecake.

3. Take a stroll

In New York, you simply don’t need a car. So, find yourself some cheap airport parking and hit the streets on foot. It’s the best way to experience the city. Exploring Central Park is perfect for those long romantic walks and such a contrast from the heart of the city. The Highline offers an amazing walk on the West Side. Converted from an old railway line above the city, it is now open to visitors to take a stroll. We also like to walk around Times Square first thing in the morning or head to the docks early afternoon.

4. Get cultured

There are more museums and art galleries than we could count in New York. However, the Museum of Modern Art comes out on top. You can’t go wrong with a walk around the American Museum of Natural History either. One way to really get into the New York culture is to wander through West Village. Sit in the cafes and feel the heart of the city flow around you.

5. Enter the city properly

One thing we love to do is take an early morning subway down to Brooklyn. Then take the long walk into Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge. It offers the very best views of the city as you approach over the bridge. There really is no better way to see that iconic skyline. Plus, there’s a great waffle cart at the other end!

New York is quite simply one of the best cities on the planet. The food, the culture and the sights rival any on the planet and we can’t recommend it highly enough!