4 Unique Ways to Travel Europe

Everyone loves the idea of traveling Europe, but what’s the best way in which to do it? Don’t stick to the tried and tested methods of doing it, they’re boring. Here are 4 unique ways to travel Europe.

Alone with No Plan

Travelling should be a real adventure. So if that’s what you want your trip around Europe to be, you should do it alone and unprepared. Yes, that might sound daunting and scary, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. You won’t be reliant on anyone else or any pre-existing plans to guide you.

That means you’ll be free to travel in a more free and open way. Because you won’t be referring to your plans all the time, you’ll be able to go with the flow and see where the landscape takes you. It won’t be the way to travel for everyone, but it could be the ideal way for you.

In a Motorhome

The open road offers you great freedom and space. Travelling through Europe by road is a great way of doing it if you’re looking for something leisurely and simple. There are no public transport worries, and you can move at your own pace. For me, the best way to go is in a motorhome, they offer complete independence.

If you’ve never travelled by motorhome, you should definitely think about it. You save a lot of money on accommodation and public transport. So, it’s a cheap way to travel. All you’ll need is your motorhome. Make sure it’s fully insured by visiting motorhomeinsurance.org.uk before you hit the road though.

By Bike and Train

If you want to be active and stay fit while you’re travelling the continent, you should take your bike along with you. Europe is too vast to travel entirely by bike though. Luckily, most train companies will be perfectly fine with you taking your bike onto the train.

There’s a great freedom to hopping on and off the train and then hitting the road on your bike. It means you’ll never be stuck in traffic jams, and there won’t be all that waiting around in airport terminals. It gives some life and vibrancy back to your travels, and that can only be a good thing.

City Hopping

Some people just don’t like the countryside; it’s too quiet and desolate for them. And that’s fair enough, it doesn’t mean you can’t explore Europe though. Why not try out city hopping? This is when you move from city to city without having to travel through the parts in between.

There is a lot of flying and city hotel bills to contend with, but if you’ve got the budget, it’s a great way to see Europe. You can be in Paris one day and Berlin the next. And you never have to stay in one place for too long, so you never get bored of your surroundings.

Now you have some great ideas, you can start planning your trip. Bon Voyage!