This Is How We Do It down in Puerto Rico… Top Things to Do in San Juan

If you’re a beach relaxer, a landmark lover or a nightlife partiers, then a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico could be for you. Why? Well, because it has everything! To see exactly what it has and why you should be seriously considering booking a flight and heading there as soon as possible, make sure to read on.

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Take a masterclass in rum at Casa Barcardí

If you’re a big rum drinker or just generally interested in learning about all of the history of everywhere you travel to, then taking a trip to the Casa Barcardí rum factory is something that you should be doing. This place, known as the ‘Cathedral of Rum’, is the flagship factory of the drink that is famous the world over and back, and has been since 1936 when the Barcardí family fled to it in 1936 from their homeland of Cuba. Since then, the factory has gone on to produce the famous rum drink and now offers three tours for those who want to see and learn everything about what goes on there: there is a historical tour which costs $12 and gets you a cocktail upon.arrival, there is the rum tasting tour which costs $45 and there is a mixology session tour which also costs $45. Whichever tour you decide to take, just know that it would be more than worth it!

Explore history at Museo de las Américas

If you love soaking in a bit of history on your travels, then heading to Museo de las Américas is something that you should be doing upon a trip to San Juan. Located in the old military barracks of the Old Town, this is a place that explores both Puerto Rico’s African heritage as well all of its rich pre-colonised Caribbean culture through artwork. You can learn everything you need to know about what indigenous life was like in this South American corner of the world right up to what life is like in modern day San Juan, too. Plus, you can study and listen to all of the music history that is stored here, including a whole and very large room that is dedicated to musicians from this part of the world as well as the localised instruments they would use. For only $6, this is well worth it.

Soak up the sun on Condado Beach

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city that is San Juan, then the perfect place to head to is Condado Beach. In fact, if you want to set up base in an area that is as far away from the hustle and bustle in San Juan as you can get, then doing so and booking yourself a room in Holiday Inn Express San Juan Condado is well advised. You should do so because this is an area that is perfect for relaxation, and the beach here is to die for! It has everything you could possible want from a beach, and more: you can swim, you can surf, you can soak up the sun on the sands and you can head shopping in the nearby upmarket market.

If you’ve not yet found the travelling destination that best suits you, then make sure to take San Juan, Puerto Rico into account when it comes to organising your next holidaying experience. By doing so, you might just find your new top travelling destination!


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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Oh man. Rum seems to be everywhere in San Juan! lol

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