Covering The Essentials Before Starting Your Adventure

When you start packing for your travelling adventure, it’s hard to know where to begin with it all – especially if it’s your first time. The whole process can seem quite overwhelming, and depending on the country that you’re going to, there can be more to pack than you would have bargained for. There’s not just clothes that you’ve got to take into consideration, but everything else as well; from medical supplies to the little bits that you come to realise that you can’t quite live without.

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If you are packing into a backpack, the last thing that you want is to be weighed down by toiletries. They are definitely essential, but don’t think about buying things like shampoo, body wash or conditioner before you go – these are usually things that can be picked up when you arrive. Liquid weighs a lot more than you think, so if you insist on buying before you go then think about purchasing shampoo bars and a more nature-friendly version of your deodorant. That way, you know that you are packing everything that you need without taking up too much room and unnecessarily adding weight onto you.

Medical Products

No matter where you are going, researching the country and the biggest medical issues that you would typically encounter is definitely a smart move. You don’t have to scare yourself with it, but common sense is something that really needs to prevail when you’re visiting a foreign land. In the majority of cases, there is so much that is different that you haven’t spent years adapting to, as the inhabitants will have done. So whereas getting bitten by a mosquito in the country that you live in may be no big deal apart from a slight itch for a couple of days after, in another country it could mean the difference between life and death. If you’re looking for something to give you peace of mind, malarone can be used to help prevent malaria; it’s a tablet that can compactly fit into your bag and prevent one of the most deadly diseases that is prevalent in tropical countries. Considering there is no vaccination currently to prevent the risk of it spreading, it is imperative that you have some form of protection. But this is only one of the diseases that can be spread. Making sure that you are fully vaccinated with the recommended injections for the country that you are visiting is of the utmost importance if you want to be healthy for the span of your trip. A small first aid kit in your backpack to keep on hand for any small emergencies is a good thing to pack, but anything bigger will need to be taken to a hospital for inspection. This is where medical insurance comes into play; there are so many comparison sites out there for you to get the best deal on the policy that you are taking out, so there shouldn’t be any excuse for you not to get it. It could potentially save your life. If you have already taken out travel insurance, check it over to ensure that the medical cover is included.

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Unless you’re travelling to a really cold place, it’s best to take a lot of light items that you can layer on top of each other. That way, you can build up when it’s cold and remove when it’s getting too warm – perfect for the countries that have a more harsh climate in terms of day and night. Not only this, but packing lighter items means that you will have a lot more room in your suitcase for more pieces of clothing, which can be great for if you need to slip into something clean at the end of a long day.


Making sure that you are covered on the aforementioned medical insurance is something that definitely needs looking into before you go, but travel insurance is just as important. This would usually be able to cover any legal problems that you have en route, as well as giving you assurance that your luggage, flights and hotels are covered should anything go wrong with them. This can be vital in money-saving, even though you’re paying out for the insurance – but the alternative of having to cover any emergency expenses off your own back could see you cutting your travels short or not even being able to afford to get back home.


A lot of people aren’t aware of just how much it can cost to go travelling around the world. However, saying this, there are certain things that you can do to bring down your costs tremendously – it all depends on how good you are at reserving your cash. Take a look around for the cheaper options that you can go for, such as hostels instead of hotels and finding street vendors to buy your food from instead of going to restaurants. There are ways and means of ensuring that you still have a good stock of money to fall back on should anything happen.

Everything Else

There are always tips and tricks that those who have been travelling for years have noted down in various places on the internet. Things like carrying duct tape in your backpack just in case anything splits or needs patching back together. If you are travelling through a country with a high crime rate, it’s best to carry a fake purse/wallet at the top of your bag to deter criminals from stealing your real money. Most seasoned travellers are adverse to taking cash with them, and instead are putting money onto travel cards which aren’t linked to their bank accounts. It means that there’s a relative amount of safety when it comes to making transactions when abroad, and you’re not carrying around a high sum of money on you which could potentially be stolen – completely ruining your trip. It’s definitely something that is worth looking into before you start on your travels.

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