4 Ways to enhance your backpacking experience

Backpacking is one of the most liberating holiday experiences that you could get involved with. It’s something that allows you to see a country in all of its glory without the veil of tourism to blind you from what’s really beautiful about your holiday destination. However, for beginners, it can be fairly daunting for newcomers and without much experience, it’s difficult to get your foot into the door with backpacking. New backpackers usually make some critical mistakes that often lead to a bad experience, and it puts them off this holiday choice in the future. So to prepare you for the future, here is a couple of ways to help you improve your backpacking experience.


Don’t be afraid of the food

One of the things you have to have for backpacking is an iron stomach. Food is a fantastic way to get into the culture and tradition of a country, but you need to be able to eat all kinds of foods because, let’s face it, you don’t want to upset or anger the locals for spitting out their local delicacy. Train yourself by sampling lots of different foods. When offered something from the locals or from a friend, make sure you at least try it and give an honest opinion. Being open to more foods means you also don’t have to fuss around for fast food and it gives you more opportunities to go and have a meal with people.

Travel the road less travelled

Backpacking isn’t just a cheaper way to experience some of the world’s most beautiful cities. Backpacking is a way to see the lesser-known attractions that countries have to offer. You’ll get to sample the best street foods, the cheaper restaurants and the cultural destinations that won’t cost you a fortune yet are far more fulfilling.

Learn the language

When you learn the language of a country, you’ll find it a lot more comfortable to communicate with the locals and to get around town. However, you don’t have to learn the language before you travel! In fact, it’s sometimes better to learn the language once you arrive at your destination because it shows that you have a genuine interest in the country. There are plenty of schools listed on the internet to help you look for a location too. For instance, you could take Italian classes in Italy to help you learn the language. The classes don’t take very long, and it also gives you the same language qualifications you would need to actually move into the country in the future, should you decide to migrate at some point.

Engage with locals

Travelling is all about the experiences you can encounter, and many of those experiences will be aided by the locals. They’ll be able to teach you all the best places to visit, they’ll help you get started with your backpacking adventure, and they can aid you with translations, maps and so on. The friends you meet will become a huge part of what makes the backpacking experience so fulfilling, so make sure you’re not trying to avoid communicating with them.

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