Think you can’t afford to travel? Think again!


Travel isn’t exactly cheap, but it may be easier for you to afford than you may think. If you’re not exactly flush with cash right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Here are the things you have to consider!

Cheap locations and cheap flights

When people say they want to “travel”, they’re usually being much vaguer than they need to be. The problem is that a lot of people who say this don’t want to travel as widely as they seem to; they just have one or two places on their ‘to visit’ list! But if you’re more open-minded about where you want to spend your time off, then it’s much easier to find less expensive locations as well as cheap flights. Of course, doing the right amount of preparation can land you reasonably-priced flights to pretty much anywhere you want to go, but you’re much more likely to be able to travel for cheap if you’re willing to spend a weekend in, say, Prague than a weekend in New York City!

Alternative accommodation options

Don’t jump immediately to the idea of getting a hotel room, because those things can be darn expensive. While it’s usually so much easier (and often more comfortable) to book a hotel, try to be open-minded about your accommodation options. While vacation rentals are often portrayed as the more expensive option, the opposite is actually true much of the time. These places also come with kitchens, so you can prepare you own meals instead of going out to a restaurant! But you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of staying in a hostel, which can provide you with very cheap accommodation if you’re willing to sacrifice some privacy!


Off the beaten track

Most popular destinations make an awful lot of money off of tourism – and they do so by charging very high fees for pretty much everything in their most popular tourist spots! When planning a trip, a lot of people seem to forget about the budgeting required to pay for the attractions at their destination. This doesn’t just include theme parks, museums, and the like; it also includes restaurants! If you’re willing to spend less time at the ‘obvious’ tourist spots and step off the beaten track, you’ll not only find some more unique places that aren’t so flooded with tourists; you’re also likely to save a bunch of money!

Traveling on credit

If you really want to get away somewhere that you don’t really have the money immediately to hand to pay for, then there’s always the option of paying for a vacation using a credit card. Many would say that this a very reasonable way of getting out there and seeing the world while you’re young. However, the idea of using credit doesn’t always make the aspiring traveler very comfortable. It’s a form of debt, after all! So you have to be confident that you’ll be able to pay all that money back within a reasonable timeframe. What you should consider doing is saving up most of the upfront costs before using a credit card. This ensures that you have the bulk of the payment ready to start paying back gradually, making it much more likely that you’ll be able to pay back the total amount in time.

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