Planning a trip to Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania is fast becoming a more popular retreat amongst holidaymakers in the US. Here are just some of the activities worth pursuing on your trip to The Keystone State.

Seeing the sights

PA has a lot of history for those looking for a cultural getaway. Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia is home to the Liberty Bell and is also the location where George Washington signed the Declaration of Independence (you can still see the chair that he sat in). Gettysburg is also well worth a visit. There are many cemeteries and memorials in the area dedicated to those that died in the civil war battle there, and you can take a tour of the battlefield. The final landmark worth visiting meanwhile is Harrisburg’s mighty Pennsylvania State Capitol. Built in 1906, you’d be forgiven for thinking from a photo that this was a European palace from the 1700s.

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Absorbing the art

Fans of art should visit Pennsylvania’s multiple galleries. These include the Andy Warhol Museum, which contains some of the Pop artist’s most famous pieces, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art (the iconic staircase was used in the Rocky movies and attracts many visitors simply for this reason!).

Staying active outdoors

A large part of PA’s appeal is its outdoor activities. If you’re on a family holiday and are looking for a fun group activity, this state has all kinds of options from zipwiring to archery. Those that enjoy hiking can journey to the Appalachian mountains and take on the celebrated Appalachian trail. There are also many rivers in the region where you can go kayaking and white water rafting.

Go to jail

Eastern State Penitentiary has housed many iconic criminals of the past including Willie Sutton and Al Capone. It remains derelict today, closed in 1971. The prison attracts many visitors and is popular amongst photographers looking to capture a few eerie snaps. Many stories and legends surround the historic prison which you can learn by taking a tour of the inside.

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Have fun at Hershey Park

You may know the town of Hershey as the home a certain chocolate company. It’s now home to Hershey Park, an amusement park that was built in 1906 as a recreational zone for workers at the chocolate factory. It’s since become open to the public and has expanded to house a multitude of rides for all ages. You can also visit the Chocolate World attraction and get to see how Hershey’s chocolate is made – just try not to eat too many sweets before going on the rides!

Try the Amish Experience

The Amish people are known worldwide for their traditional Christian values and frugal way of living. You can visit many Amish towns in the region using a shuttle bus service known as The Amish Experience. There are Amish shops and guided tours and buggy rides. Another popular attraction in Amish county is the Strasburg Railroad for those wanting an authentic steam train ride.

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2 Responses to Planning a trip to Pennsylvania

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Oh yes the Amish experience was educational!
    And we might add, go antique hunting too!

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