24 Hours In Canada’s Capital

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When you’re planning a trip, you want to make sure you squeeze every last drop of experience out of it, which can be a challenge. After all, unless you are visiting somewhere like Burnham Market in Norfolk, England, most places pose the challenge of being jam packed full of things you want to see. This is definitely the case with Canada’s capital city. It just has so much to offer, which is exactly why planning what you want to do and see – the must-do and must-see thing – is the only way to go about it.

The thing is, we all have eyes bigger than our bellies when it comes to seeing a place, which is why we have got into the habit of entitling our lists, 24 Hours In So And So. Sometimes we even go as far as, literally, breaking it down hour by hour. It just helps us prioritize.

So, with just one day In Ottawa, what does one make sure they do?

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Parliament Hill

There is a reason why this is the most visited attraction in Ottawa, it is staggering, not just as a building, but as a living and breathing thing. The reason why we put this at the top of our list is because it needs to be seen first thing in the morning when they have the changing of the guard ceremony. Amazing. Although, the sound and light show in the evenings is equally amazing.

The Two Cultural Places To See

There are tons of cultural places to explore in Ottawa, but the two you absolutely must fit into your stay are the absolutely breathtaking National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian War Museum. These are world class exhibitions, no doubt about it.

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Day or Night Hit The Market

If you are to ask any local about the one place you should see (other than parliament Hill) they are going to say, ByWard Market. It’s one of the most historical farmer’s markets and shopping districts, but only by day. By night it is THE place to go.

Relax For An Hour

Okay, with a busy morning rushing about all over the place, you deserve to relax for an hour. You know, grab some food, check out some spas in Ottawa in the city, grab a drink. In our opinion, hit up the Back Lane Cafe. It ‘s just so relaxed, and they prepare most of the food on wood-fired hearths.

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The Canal

It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer you are visiting, you have to see the Rideau Canal. It’s a historic waterway that is either filled with boats or frozen over to make the world’s largest natural skating rink.

Adventure Is Out There

If there is one thing Ottawa has it is an adventure. It is one for life enthusiasts. White water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, cycling, whatever you fancy. You have to. It’s right on the doorstep.

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Anything You May Have Missed

We are all for city tours when we see a place, but we like doing them early evening, before dinner, when the place we are is bustling and the sky turns color. This suits Ottawa perfectly. In terms of tours, we suggest Lady Dive, because it takes you on both land and water, and what better way to see a place is there than that.

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2 Responses to 24 Hours In Canada’s Capital

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Oh we only visited Parliament hill…and the tour on land and water looks interesting!

  2. Hm never thought of visiting Ottawa, thanks for giving me a new destination!

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