Daydreaming of a magical yoga retreat in Morocco

In 2004 I spent a year working and living in England and the top of the African continent was within reach. I eagerly started planning a trip to Morocco only to realise that I had to be home in South Africa to apply for a travel visa. Talk about a buzz kill. Since then, Morocco has been pushed to the back of my mind until I discovered this amazing 6 day retreat on and

As I scrolled through the 6 Days Magical Yoga Retreat in Essaouira, Morocco description, my senses started to salivate. My two favourite things in life – travelling to a new, exiting destination and yoga. Instantly, I set my intention as ‘gratitude’ for a few of the daily yoga classes and began mentally art directing a headstand or jumping photo among camels in the Moroccan desert.

The opportunity to be able to learn from a new yoga instructor, namely Shari Hochberg from Italy, further my yoga journey and meet like-minded yogi travelers while experiencing a new culture and country would rejuvenate and inspire me.’s ’10/10 excellent’ review makes me even more excited at the prospect of enjoying this yoga retreat. In fact, I’ve been daydreaming about the itinerary over the past week or two: Ashtanga yoga classes twice a day with activities in between such as exploring nearby markets, a cooking lesson, and an unforgettable camel ride along the glorious nearby beach. The TLC 30-minute hammam treatment at the hotel sounds heavenly too and I would drift off into dream land each night in a lovely Moroccan riad. Pure bliss!

“The further I travel, the closer I am to myself.” – Andrew McCarthy

Life is so busy that we get carried away with our careers, fueled by stress, anxiety and adrenaline. I’m in need of a long awaited break where I can get back to myself – on my yoga mat. The opportunity to unplug from busy corporate life where you are constantly always-on and travel to majestic Essaouira is the perfect recipe for balance and reconnecting the body, mind and spirit.

So this is me putting it out there to the universe…

Time and money is not always on my side but perhaps the power of positive manifestation will enable me to make this adventure happen. I’m holding thumbs.


Beach yoga bliss on Clifton 2nd Beach, Cape Town.


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5 Responses to Daydreaming of a magical yoga retreat in Morocco

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Well, don’t wait! Get going!
    Btw, can’t you get the visa from the Morocco embassy in London when you were there?

  2. Aimee Kellen says:

    Love this!

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