A romantic weekend away: The Valentine’s gift that keeps giving

We’re all sick of hearing about Valentine’s Day by now. Good news, it’s nearly over! If you haven’t found the perfect gift, or want to give something that keeps giving, it’s not too late. Who says you need to keep your present to the day? A romantic weekend could be the perfect gift. And, it means the romance can last for longer! Of course, you’ll need to consider your options before booking. That’s why we’ve made a list of the most romantic destinations out there!

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Let’s start with the obvious one. No list of romantic destinations would be complete without mention of Paris. It is, after all, the city of love. Whether you’ve been before or not, this is the ideal Valentine’s destination. You could share romantic candlelit dinners, and stroll under the Eiffel Tower. It doesn’t get more romantic than that. Going after Valentine’s Day means you can avoid the crowds. As you can imagine, a lot of people head to Paris at this time of year.


If you want to stay closer to home, why not book a weekend to New York? The city may not have the romantic allure of Paris, but it has a charm of its own. Don’t hesitate to book cheap flights to New York and get planning! You could take a trip to the top of the Empire State Building and look over the city. Or, keep your feet on the ground with a gentle stroll around iconic Central Park. One thing’s sure; there’s no lack of romantic spots to explore.

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Venice is another destination that needed to be on this list. Fancy a night time gondola ride with your lover? We’ve all seen it in the movies! You’ll have a man playing violin behind you as you stare into each other’s eyes. Okay, the reality may be a little different. It’s still a romantic destination to die for, though! Even better, you’ll be able to experience a culture unlike anything you’ve seen. This is a place you need to visit at least once in your life. There’s something majestic about this city on water. Who better to experience it with than the one you love?


A romantic break is always made better by a little sunshine. Why not take a trip to Barbados and enjoy some beach time with your man? A trip to this beautiful Caribbean island will ensure you can soak up the rays. Find an exclusive beach and spend a little time sunbathing. When you get too hot, you can stroll into town and order a cocktail. What’s not to love? The whole idea of time away is to escape the daily grind, right? Escapism doesn’t get better than this!

Of course, these are by no means the only options out there. If these don’t appeal, research other options. Is there a country that is special to you and your man in some way? Make the gift meaningful by making that your chosen location!

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One Response to A romantic weekend away: The Valentine’s gift that keeps giving

  1. I like your list! I’m in New York – and I’m visiting all three other destinations within the next 6 months – sans romantic partner.

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