Outsmart pickpockets when traveling abroad with these helpful hacks

As you travel the world, your backpack quickly becomes your best friend. While it may not be very large, it’s contents are of the utmost importance. From your clothes to your passport and money, your life is contained inside. Unfortunately, as useful as they can be, backpacks can also make you an appealing to pickpockets and thieves. It tells them that you are a tourist and that you will be carrying items such as cash, credit cards, and electronics. Having your belongings stolen could put your travel plans on hold and leave you in a vulnerable situation. Thankfully, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of it happening to you. Take a look at these helpful hacks and outsmart pickpockets no matter where you are in the world.


Add security to your backpack

To prevent your travel backpack from becoming a target for thieves, you need to make it as secure as possible. This is something that many travelers surprisingly fail to do. If you haven’t bought your backpack yet, always opt for lockable zips over drawstrings. Drawstrings can easily be opened without you realizing, which could make your bag easier to steal from. You can also use a cable lock which can be looped through your bags zips and secured with a code. These can also be used to secure your bag to a table when you eat at restaurants and cafes. This can be a major deterrent to thieves to grab unattended bags. Also look for anti-theft straps for any other bags you intend to take.

Split up your cash

Keeping all of your money in one location is a big no-no. If you were to get pickpocketed or robbed, they are effectively stealing your entire travel fund. This can leave you with no money to pay for food, accommodation or transport. So rather than running this risk, always split up your cash. Keep some hidden or locked away at your hotel or hostel and some in your wallet. You should also hide some in your shoe or inside a small pocket in your bag. Try not to carry more than two days worth of money at a time if possible to reduce the risk of you being a target.

Create a fake wallet or purse

Creating a fake wallet is a simple but effective protective measure that all travelers should use. If a thief approaches you and asks for your wallet, you can give them your fake one instead of your real one. This can make the thief leave you alone quicker while also protecting your cards, cash, and ID. To make it as convincing as possible, put some small change in the purse or wallet. You can also put expired bank or credit cards that no longer work into the purse too for added effect. You need to carry this around with you at all times as you never know when a theft is going to occur.

Pickpocketing is an issue throughout the world, no matter what country you are visiting. But using these hacks will ensure you don’t become a victim of theft and allow you to enjoy your travels as planned.

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2 Responses to Outsmart pickpockets when traveling abroad with these helpful hacks

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    It pays to be prepared!

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