Cruise far and wide, without a care

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This biggest issue, when it comes to choosing a good holiday, is the amount of choice. With so many great destinations, it’s a challenge to decide. But, you don’t have to worry. You can go to more than one place, and you can do it in style and luxury. Cruises are the answer!

A lot of people associate the idea of a cruise with spending a couple of weeks trapped on a boat with some old people. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Those cruises do exist, but they’re not the only option. To tease your wanderlust here’s some of the amazing places you can visit on loads of cheap cruise deals, found online.

Alberta, Canada

Alberta is famed for it’s skiing, blue lakes, and, of course, the Rocky Mountains. If you have the spirit of an adventurer, Canada is one of the few places you can let yourself free. With thousands of square miles of stunning, untouched scenery. If you’re more into nightlife and cuisine, Alberta has got you covered. The city of Calgary is an epicenter for culture and sophistication. Perfect for the high-class party animal.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

For tourists and experienced gamblers alike, Las Vegas is the perfect place to let your hair down and let the adrenaline course. With the biggest collection of casinos, hotels and restaurants in the world, the Las Vegas Strip is legendary. Every establishment is built with luxury in mind; which means that you’ll find only the best of what they have to offer. Las Vegas is perfect for foodies and competitive eaters. It plays host to some of the most famous restaurants in the world.

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Peru, South America

From ancient civilizations to the mighty Amazon River, Peru has it all. Covered in rich and luscious rain forest, Peru is one of the least touched environments in the world. Peru is home to Machu Picchu, one of the Wonders of the World, and hundreds of other significant sites. You’ll need to do a bit of walking, as the country doesn’t have many roads, but it’s well worth it. The sights found in Peru can’t be matched anywhere else in the world.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the World’s capital for luxury and excess. Akin to the American gold rush, UAE has benefited from a huge boom in oil production. So, with most of the money staying within the country, Dubai has become what it is today. You’ll see supercars, the tallest buildings in the world, and you can even stay in the world’s only 9* hotel. Dubai isn’t cheap, but, going on a cruise will make it much more affordable.

Singapore, Asia

Supposedly, Singapore provides some of the highest standards of living in the world, for it’s population. This is achieved through strict street cleaning, beautiful parks and luxury amenities. The Island is home to miles of rain forest, and some very unique nightlife. You may even see some weird and wonderful insects along the way!

Now you’re brimming with ideas, go and have a look at some deals online. You will be a little limited when it comes to locations; but, you’ll still see more than one place.

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