Inn-dependence: Finding the best accommodation when you’re away from home

Wherever you travel, you’re going to need accommodation. It’s potentially the most important part of planning when it comes to any trip away from home. Here’s a quick guide to the most common forms of accommodation and their pros and cons.

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Hotels. The go-to home away from home. These are the most regularly used form of alternative accommodation. Hotels are versatile. There are all sorts out there. From luxury five star retreats – with spas, restaurants and gyms – to questionable box rooms with no windows and a bit of a funny smell to them. When it comes to going away, there will always be a nearby hotel for you to stay in, regardless of budget. The key to finding a good hotel is to do your research beforehand. Here are a the main things that you should expect from any hotel that you are paying to stay in.

1. Cleanliness

2. Safety

3. Privacy

Read reviews of anywhere that you are planning on staying. Sites such as Trip Advisor are a good go-to.

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B&B stands for bed and breakfast and that’s exactly what you can expect to get when you’re staying in one of these establishments. B&Bs are most often cheaper than hotels. They have more of a homely feel and are often family-run, rather than being a part of a big corporate chain. Consequently, you will receive a more intimate, personal, comfortable and friendly experience. It will essentially be like staying in the spare room of a friend’s house. Many will also offer communal areas to relax, so it’s a great form of accommodation if you fancy meeting new people but don’t want to sleep alongside them.

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Tents will be the main form of accommodation when it comes to camping holidays or music festivals. They allow you a breath of the outdoors whilst protecting you from the elements. When it comes to tents, you know what you’re getting because you take your own with you. So don’t skimp out. This is going to be the roof over your head through rain or shine, so make sure that it doesn’t leak, can withstand gusts of wind and has all of the poles packed away where they should be. If you fancy a more luxurious stay outdoors, there are campsites that offer shower blocks and electricity power points. For more advice, tips and tricks on getting the most out of your camping trip, check out

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Hostels: the student-traveller’s refuge. Hostels are one of the cheapest forms of accommodation. You can’t expect the most comfortable bed, complete privacy or even a quiet night’s sleep. But it will come at a low price and you’ll be able to get your head down in a safe space for the night. Many hostels offer a bed in dormitories with various other travellers. Sometimes these will be bunk beds, sometimes they will be single beds. Regardless, they’ll be lined up and you’ll have the bare essentials, such as a mattress, a quilt and a pillow. Though you shouldn’t expect too much from a hostel, you are still a paying customer. Ensure that the cleanliness of the space is up to your standards and that you feel safe sleeping amongst the people who are there.

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