Lots of parks and plenty of recreation: Seeing America it its natural best

The United States is a huge, vast country that is more like 50 smaller countries under one banner. While it is known for its cities like New York and Los Angeles, there is far more than first meets the eye. Not just the bright lights of Vegas or the iconic Disneyworld either; we want something entirely different.

With all of that land mass, the USA has some of the most naturally stunning national parks on the planet. Parks that Leslie Knope would be proud of. Parks that you can visit, experiencing a whole different side of America.

As with every holiday, you have to be careful about respecting rules and regulations. Get your permissions sorted – https://www.official-esta.com/our-services helps – and promise to be a respectful tourist. Don’t drop litter; don’t disturb wildlife; don’t do anything that could disrupt the natural order. These are stunning, natural sites that deserve to be respected.

With that little reminder out of the way, here’s three National Parks of America to visit. We’ve separated them by region, so hopefully one will be close by if you already have a vacation planned and want to swing by.

East Is Definitely Not Least: The Everglades in Florida

blue-heron-in-the-evergladesPhoto Credit: Public Domain Pictures

The Everglades may not seem like a national park from our general assumption of the term, but it is. In fact, it’s one of the largest in the USA. It plays host to a few titles all of its own, including being the largest tropical wilderness in the US. Here’s another: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/tourism/fl-port-everglades-cruise-record-sunday-20160314-story.html

There is so much to do here it’s tough to know where to begin. The weather is hot and humid, and you can tour the wetlands to see the wildlife. Oh, and such wildlife: from alligators to wading birds, it’s got it all.

Camping is the most popular way of staying in the Park, though it is usually best done with the supervision of experienced guides.

Flyover Country Wonders: Great Smoky Mountains

1024px-clifftops4-7-07Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons

As the name might suggest, the Great Smoky Mountains are named for their stunningly picturesque landscape. This is a wilderness-style retreat like none other, with some of the widest varieties of flora and fauna on show.

The Park spans two states: North Carolina and Tennessee. And it is huge, larger than some actual countries, at a jaw-dropping 2,144km in size.

Black bears roam wild here and you can wander for days looking for waterfalls and deserted lakes. It is an experience unlike any other, and well worth taking a few days during your trip to enjoy.

West Is Best: Yellowstone National Park

rainbow-over-geyser-yellowstone-national-park-wyomingPhoto Credit: GoodFreePhotos

You may have heard of Yellowstone before, but did you know it has the ability to wipe out civilization?

Pleasant thought isn’t it? Beneath the lush green mountains and the stunningly clear water of the Park lies a supervolcano. Should it ever erupt, it could wipe us all out. So, best to enjoy it while it’s here then.

There’s so much to enjoy as well, from hiking and camping trails to the famous Old Faithful geyser. You could spend a month here and still never be bored.

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2 Responses to Lots of parks and plenty of recreation: Seeing America it its natural best

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    There sure are many National parks and State parks out all over the US. We’ve seen Randy Olson’s epic American road tripper with many (can’t do them all) national parks along the way. Zipping through it will take 2 months in the least and probably a lot more!

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