Discover 5 countries to visit which have the best beaches in the world!

One of the best holidays you can go on is a lovely beach vacation. It gives you a chance to relax and rejuvenate before you return to your busy schedule. After all, as the study reveals, people are less stressed when they can see large expanses of water. Therefore, it’s time to take a vacation to the beach. However, it can be hard to know where to visit to experience the best beach. Here are five countries to visit which have the best beaches in the world.

South Africa

The beautiful country of South Africa is somewhere that needs to be on your radar if you are looking for the ultimate beach break. The amazing country is known for its stunning beaches, cliffs, and culture which sees people flocking there every year. Cape Town is one of the areas people visit to soak up the sunshine. As we talked about before, there are several beaches including Llandudno Beach which are stunning. Other areas people go to for stunning beaches include Port Elizabeth and Durban in South Africa.



Another country which has some of the best beaches in the world is Malaysia. The country is full of culture, history, and wildlife and is a popular place to visit for a beach break. Beaches such as Perhentian Kecil offer beautiful white sand where you can sunbathe to your heart’s content. As well as sunbathing, the beaches in Malaysia are popular down to the wealth of watersports available to the public. In fact, Malaysia is often named the best place for snorkeling in the world. Therefore, you should look online and discover the villa with a private pool in Malaysia. Then you can head out to the beach every day.



A lot of people would dismiss the beaches in Europe as the best in the world. However, a lot of people rave about Portugal’s Algarve region. The stunning beaches are often named the most picturesque in the whole of Europe and see millions visit every year. Praia da Rocha is often named one of the best in Portugal with its wealth of caves and white sand.

algarve_beach_908650126Image Source


One of the top reasons why people head to beautiful Maldives is to spend time on the beaches. A lot of the accommodation in the Maldives is very private with their own stretch of beach. The service at the beach resorts are some of the top rated in the world. The stunning crystal blue water and white sand makes it a very picturesque area to visit. As this article reveals, there is beautiful coral reef and underwater creatures which make for a scuba session!

maldives-666118_1920Image from Pixabay


Although when most people think of Thailand, their mind goes to the bustling city of Bangkok, it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A lot of people head here to soak up the sunshine on the white sanded beaches. You could even visit one of the many secluded beaches which is only accessible by boat. For example, this feature says Phra Nang Beach is one of the most beautiful and mysterious to visit.


All of these are full of culture and history that will make your holiday perfect!

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