The ins & outs of planning a trip to Vancouver

I’ve spoken about travelling to Canada before and how amazing it is as a travel destination. Today, however, I’ll be focusing on the city of Vancouver, a seaside city in bustling British Columbia. Surrounded by mountains, coastal areas, and wildlife, this is the perfect destination for a holiday. Especially as, as well as having lots of wildlife and outdoor activities, it also has a cultural side to it. Thanks to its vibrant culture, Vancouver has lots of places to immerse yourself in art, theatre, and shopping.

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Like Canada as a whole, Vancouver has a lot to offer. It’s a vast, vibrant, and beautiful place that’s packed full of exciting things to see and do. To help you ensure that your trip to this fantastic city goes without a hitch, I thought I would share some useful tips and advice.

Find out if you’re able to visit Canada

Before you do anything else, it’s essential that you take the time to ensure that you’re able to visit Canada. Like many other countries, Canada has strict laws about who can and can’t enter the country. So before booking your tickets, it’s essential to ensure that you’ll be able to enter the country. Research the rules and regulations about who can enter and who can’t. Read up on whether you need a visa and also on eTA information, so that you know the best route to go down to get into Canada without a problem.

Decide where in Vancouver to stay

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The next step is to decide where in Vancouver to stay. The great thing about this bustling harbour town is that there are plenty of accommodation options. From five-star hotels to more budget-friendly guesthouses and hostels, there’s accommodation for every budget. There’s places to stay by the harbour, in the middle of the city, and also some quieter areas. It’s just a case of selecting accommodation that’s right for you and your travel buddies.

Research the best things to see and do

Once you’ve got your accommodation sorted, you can then focus on the things on offer to see and do. There’s so much to choose from; it’s just a case of working out what type of things you want to use your time to do. From exploring beautiful gardens and parks to cruising the harbour and taking part in a tour around the city, there’s lots of offer. Being a popular travel destination, a lot of the activities on offer tend to fill up quickly. So if there’s something that you’re desperate to do, make sure to book it in advance.

Find the best places to drink and dine

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Like most cities, Vancouver has lots of fantastic places to drink and dine. This can make finding the perfect place to eat a little difficult, as there’s just too much choice. If you want to experience authentic Canadian cuisine, it’s best to research the best places to drink and dine beforehand. That way you can ensure that you have the most amazing meals. A couple of the most popular eateries in Vancouver are The Flying Pig and Guu with Garlic. The food they serve is out of this world.

So there you have it, everything that you need to know about planning a trip to Vancouver.

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