Five amazing reasons you should visit Houston


When people think about Houston, the largest city in Texas, they often think about a relatively limited number of images. They think about cold, heartless oil businesses. The picture the uncomfortable humidity that the city is often plunged into. They may even think about the Houston baseball team and the fact that they’re not usually performing all that well.

But Houston is an absolutely incredible city. If you’re planning on taking a vacation to an American city you’ve never seen before, Houston should very well be on the top of your list. (Unless you have already been to Houston, of course. That being said, why not go again?)

Here are five of the reasons why Houston is such a great city.


It’s an economic powerhouse.

Seriously, Houston isn’t just the economic powerhouse of the United States. It’s one of the strongest and more dynamic economies on the entire planet. It’s the number one job creator in the country. Unemployment is also way below the national average. And despite it being such a populous city, it didn’t experience the housing crisis the same way as the rest of the country. Housing is still affordable there. In fact, as Houston Hotel Magazine displays, even temporary accommodation remains accessibly priced.

It has an amazing array of parks.

Houston has more parks and green space than any other metropolitan city in the United States. The national average when it comes to park space in a given American country is just over 12 acres per one thousand residents. Houston demolishes that average, with a whopping 22 acres per one thousand residents! The Houston Parks and Recreation Department have one of the highest budgets of any Parks & Rec department in the country. And if you explore any of Houston’s parks, you’ll clearly see that the budget is being put to good use.


It’s the home of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

Houston, we have a problem. Many of you may be familiar with that line from the Hollywood blockbuster Apollo 13. Well, that line isn’t some entirely fictional creation. Houston houses the most famous center of NASA’s operations. The John F. Kennedy Space Center may be where all of the human space flights since 1968 have been launched. But the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is where all the important brainiac activity really goes down. And, of course, tourists can visit and see a range of amazing things.


There are so many museums.

Houston has so many amazing museums that it has a museum district. That’s pretty darn impressive. The Houston Museum District places you within walking distances of nineteen museums. And the range of topics is pretty gobsmacking. Photography? Check. Health? Check. Contemporary arts? Of course. Carl Jung? Asian society? African American culture? Yes, yes, yes. It’s the perfect mix of education and entertainment. You’ll probably need to set aside at least a few days to fully explore them all. Don’t just plan for a one “museum day”.

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