Everything you need avoid disaster on your next road trip

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned road trip to explore some new roads with the best company available? Most likely, people who have already had terrible experiences on the road. However, a bad experience isn’t indicative of a bad idea. Sometimes, it’s the execution that just needs a little more work. With road trips, this means being a lot more prepared.  Below, we’re going to look at three main things you be concerned with preparing before you head out.

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Everything you need

First, you need to really think about your needs on the road. The vehicle is the starting point. You can’t expect to have a great trip in a car crowded with people. Instead, consider having a much more comfortable space like an RV. You’re going to need an emergency kit, too. This should be stocked with everything you need to keep yourself comfortable, safe and in contact in case you end up breaking down. Then of course, everyone needs their own personal stuff. Food, appropriate clothing, sun cream and the like. Get together with the more organizationally minded of your group to put together an inventory. That way, no-one has an excuse to have to borrow from your kit.

pexels-photo-26135Photo by Unsplash.com

The people you need

You are going to need that organizationally minded person, too. But not just them. A road trip isn’t just made up of the car you drive and the places you go. It’s the people, too. You don’t want the boring ones who are going to turn their nose up at some adventuring opportunities. Nor do you want argumentative people. You want someone who can help you with the organizing and route travelling. Someone who can light that spark, entertainment wise and keep everyone’s spirits high. Even someone who has safety in mind, when you’re going camping or have a vehicular crisis. Everyone needs a role. At least two people need to be able to drive, too. Lighten the load on one another when possible.

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The info you need

As well as preparing your crew and everything you’re taking with you, think about the places you’re going to go. The information that can make the trip a lot smoother. An RV can help you need food and sleep stops a little more, but it’s a good idea to have a route planned anyway. Besides that, think about your needs and what to expect in each place you visit. Not just food, but the prices of things in general. Everyone should have a budget and be prepared that some places will take a bigger chunk out of that than others. Having an idea of the weather is important, too. You can shelter yourself for a night or two if it’s raining, but you don’t want the road trip dominated by poor weather.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you see that any trip can be made a lot safer from potential disaster with just the right preparation. If you’ve been burned by your road trip experiences before, try the tips above.

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  1. Nice post 🙂 learn a few tips

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