Questions you should ask about Sydney before you travel there


Sydney is probably one of the most visited places in Australia. So much so, people often think it is the country’s capital city, rather than Canberra! Even though it is a well-trodden tourist destination, there are still a few misconceptions when it comes to traveling to Sydney. Want to make sure you know everything you need to before you arrive? Here are the questions you should ask about Sydney before you travel there.

What’s The Food Like?

When you think of Australian cuisine, you may instantly think about kangaroo burgers and crocodile meat. While it’s true that you can find these unusual delicacies in many restaurants, there is also a lot more to Aussie cuisine than meets the eye. Thanks to its proximity to Asia, there is a big influence from Chinese and Thai cooking. And of course, who can forget about barbecues! Australians love to throw anything on the barbecue. If you can cook it in the oven, then you can probably also barbecue it!


How Far Is Sydney From The Bush?

Sydney is a huge metropolis, so getting out of the city needs some careful planning. The best ways are to hire a car and drive yourself or to join a tour, such as Travezl Sydney Packages. There are many tours that include an overnight stay in the outback, so you can really spend some time getting to know the countryside. But, back to the question. How far is the outback? At least a few hours’ drive; you will be better off staying off somewhere overnight to break up the trip.

What Is There To Do In Sydney?

So much stuff! As Sydney is a major city, you’ll find all the usual things you’d expect to find in any other major city. There is loads to see and do in Port Jackson, the city’s harbor area. It’s here you’ll see the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. If you want to meet some native marsupials, head to Taronga Zoo, where you can come face-to-face with wombats and kangaroos! There is also lots of culture to enjoy as well, like at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.


Does Sydney Have Any Good Beaches?

Sure it does! The famous Bondi Beach is popular with backpackers, tourists, and also locals. Many people head there to hit the surf. Don’t worry if you’ve never been surfing before; there are plenty of surfing classes to get you started. It’s also great if you just want to lounge in the sand and work on your tan. You will be able to pick up a fruity cocktail at one of the beach’s many bars. If the weather gets too hot for you during the day, be sure to return in the evening. Watching the sun go down on Bondi Beach is on many travelers’ bucket lists!

These questions should have answered all the niggling things you’ve always wanted to ask about Sydney. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t book a trip to Sydney straight away; it’s such a cool city!

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