A beginners guide to camping

If you are a bit of a newbie to camping, then it can feel a little overwhelming. Where do you start? There are a few types of camping that you can do, all needing varying amounts and types of equipment. So it is a good idea to know the style of camping that you would like to try out. So I am just sharing a few thoughts on camping and what might be best for you.


First of all, there is wild camping. It is pretty much exactly what it says it is. It is back to basics and keeping things simple. You will only take what you can carry, and you pitch up in a field (where you have permission to camp, of course). So you eat what you can find and even dig out things like a hole for a bathroom. So it isn’t for the faint-hearted. As a result, you will need some good equipment to keep you going. You can’t hunt for some food without the right things. Somewhere like chandlerrodandgunclub has some good camping accessories, like hunting knives and backpacks. If you are brand new to camping, wild camping might not be the best idea for your first time, though!

One of the most classic options is campsite camping. It is as it might sound; camping on a campsite. It involves having a set pitch that may come with or without a power source. There are usually communal shower and toilet areas and areas for trash and waste. It is a good option for a first timer, as you have most of the mod cons that you are used to. They are just in a more basic form. But you still get elements of ‘proper’ camping and being in the outdoors.


Glamping is the ultimate kind of camping, though some people might not consider it that at all! It is, as the name suggests, glamorous camping. So quite often that can mean a comfy mattress bed, flushing toilets and electricity and heating. If you aren’t sure about camping, then it is probably the best place to start. You get to feel comfortable but still get a camping experience.

Festival camping is a little mixture of what has already been said. It depends on the festival, the location, and the facilities. It could end up being like wild camping if you are just pitching up in random fields with no facilities available. There tends to be a few, though. Portable toilets are common at festivals, but there is not much in the way of running water. So be prepared to have a lot of deodorant and wipes with you! Festival camping tents tend to be smaller, rather than a large campsite camping tent. You will be fairly close to other campers as there won’t be a huge amount of space. So just something to bear in mind.

Have you got much experience of camping?

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