Top 3 archipelagos to explore in 2016

Clusters of islands around a mainland are usually called an archipelago. This term dates back to the Ancient Greeks, and would have referred to Greece itself. Of course, there are many more archipelagos around the world that are just as fascinating as Greece. Some are so distinct, they are certainly worthy of a detailed visit. We’ve put together a few details of the top 3 archipelagos you should take the time to explore in 2016:

The British Isles is made up of many islands. Separated from the rest of mainland Europe, Britain is quite densely populated despite its tiny size. Scotland is a country in the Northern part of the mainland of Britain. But it is also an archipelago in its own right, with over 700 islands off the coast. Many of these islands are small, rugged and unpopulated. But several of note are wildlife habitats of importance. They support native species and provide temporary shelter for migratory birds on occasion too. is the source of the image

When people visit Britain, they find the draw of London too tempting to resist. But the smaller islands of Britain are certainly worth spending time on. Those that are populated in the Outer Hebrides offer a wonderful insight of Scottish culture. And some, like the Isle of Wight in the far South of England, offer tourist hot spots and family fun.

Japan is made up of many islands and is home to some of the most incredible landscapes in the world. The unique habitats of each island offer something different for everyone to enjoy. The culture of Japan is highly valued by the people. And some of the islands are home to villages that still follow the most traditional of Japanese values.

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Food is often fish based and highly flavored. But you won’t be disappointed if you island-hop to find local delicacies. Volcanic activity is thought to be the reason for the interesting formations and dispersal of the islands. Japan is also susceptible to earthquakes. Many originate from under the water. Perhaps the most beautiful time to visit the Japanese islands is when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Zanzibar is an archipelago off the coast of mainland Tanzania. The attraction of this place is the range of incredible beaches and stunning hotel resorts. Details of many of the resorts can be found at websites like, but they all have the good weather of this area in common. Marine life is another draw to these islands. Spices are also grown here thanks to the warm climate. is the source of the image

There are only two large islands of Zanzibar. The rest are much smaller, but each offers something unique. There are monkeys native to the islands that can be seen. The mainland of Tanzania is also hugely popular with tourists at the moment. But no visit to this African country would be complete without a tour of the Zanzibar islands.

Islands guarantee plenty of coastlines. It may be rugged and wild, or sandy and warm. And who wouldn’t delight at the thought of being the only people there?

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