The 3 best cities to visit in Australia

Australia is a vast country. It’s a lot larger than you think and there are some amazing parts of Australia. With the Great Barrier Reef, incredible sight seeing opportunities and a varied climate. It has some incredible cities and places to visit that to list even the top 10 would make this article extremely long. So I Here are three of the best cities in Australia:



Voted as one of the most livable cities in the world Melbourne has something to please everyone. It is well-known for it’s coffee, being noted as the coffee capital of Australia. Melbourne is the largest city in the state of Victoria and resides in Eastern Australia. It’s also a coastal city meaning it get’s the best of both worlds. Sitting along the Yarra River the famous South Bank has an abundance of restaurants and bars to ignite your tastebuds. If you aren’t afraid of heights then why not take a trip up the Eureka Skydeck. If you take a little trip outside Melbourne city, then you will be met with the beautiful suburbs. Brighton Beach has the famous colourful beach huts. Getting around Melbourne is easy with fantastic bus and train links throughout the city.



Perth is a laid back city in Western Australia. It seems to be a city all on it’s own with the only place to offer a relaxed bushland and vibrant beach life in the one place. Perth is closer to Bali than it is the eastern cities of Australia, giving you a better idea as to how big this country is. Getting around to see some of the amazing sites is easy. You could arrange car hire from Perth Airport, which would make it much easier to get around. While you are there ,you must visit the famous Kings Park and Botanic Garden. It’s one of the world biggest inner city-parks and is worth a visit. Along with many other art galleries and architecture to see, Perth is a city that never sleeps.


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For something a little different why not experience the smaller city of Cairns. Perhaps not one of the more well-known cities in Australia but certainly has a lot to offer any person who is looking for an adventure. There is, after all, the Great Barrier Reef to experience. Famous for the coral reefs and delights of the sea world. This place is the perfect destination for sailing and snorkelling if that is your kind of thing. Once a small sleepy town Cairns has fast changed over the years. While you are here, you must have a swim in the saltwater lagoon. If you love your beaches, then Palm Cove is the place to go. Cairns has a lot to offer and although it’s most famous for the Barrier Reef there is plenty to see and do.

If you haven’t visited these great Australian cities yet, start planning your trip now. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Great post. ❤️FNQ . The photo is Port Douglas btw.

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