Top things to know about large weddings

When getting married, it’s so important to have your friends and family there. It’s one of the happiest days of your life, and you should want them to be part of that. But unfortunately, wedding numbers can spiral out of control if you have a lot of family and friends. And you will end up needing a big budget so here’re some things you should know about large weddings.


You need to find a large venue

Although it’s most importantly to find a venue which is perfect for you and your partner, you should also consider all your guests. Before falling in love with a venue, you need to ask them if they have enough room for the approximate amount of guests that will be coming. Try and go for somewhere that has extra room, rather than just about fits them in there. Otherwise, it will make for an uncomfortable reception.

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Sort out seating plan

When you are having a large wedding, you need to sort out the seating plan sooner rather than later. Having a lot of guests can make dividing up the tables very difficult. Sit down with a list of all the guests and draw the amount of tables on a sheet of paper. Then you can start writing names around it. Use a pencil so that you can make changes while you’re creating the seating plan. Then once you are happy with it, you can make a formal proof to pass on to be developed.

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Send out invites

Just like the seating plan, invites need to be sorted as early as possible with a large wedding. You might be able to cut the amount of people coming by the responses you get. Remember to make it clear on your invites who you are inviting so that you don’t end up with lots of extra people coming along to the wedding.

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Arrange transport

Another top thing to know about large weddings is that you might need to arrange transportation for your guests. If they are coming to the wedding from miles away, or even from a different country, they might not have transport to get between venues. You could arrange a coach to get them to the venue, such as travel through Georgia with Atlanta Charter Bus Company. Or ask people with space in their cars if they could give your other guests a lift.


Cut out the evening buffet

When you have a large wedding, you are going to need to spend more at the wedding breakfast. You will have more guests to feed so the cost can get extremely high. You could cut down on some cash by cutting out the evening buffet. Consider having your wedding slightly later, so that you end up having the wedding breakfast later in the day. Therefore, you will save hundreds on a buffet in the evening.

And if this doesn’t all sound right for you, you may want to consider eloping and getting married abroad.


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