Questions to ask yourself when planning a trip to Australia

Heading to Australia? Here are a handful of questions to ask yourself while planning your trip.

Have I factored in a good variety of locations and activities?

With so much on offer in a place like Australia, it would be a massive waste not to see as much as you can. This is why you should vary where you visit and how you do there as much as possible. There are National Parks, idyllic beaches, cosmopolitan cities, coastal walks; you need to be trying out all of them! Even if the first place you arrive seems perfect, keep moving! There is so much more to discover. Go and see all of the various locations on your first trip. Then, when you return in the future, you’ll have discovered your favourite vibe and part of the country.

Is hiring a car or camper van a better option that internal flights?

Flying between cities and different Australian destinations is, of course, an option. But what about driving? First up, this might be cheaper. This Fuel Calculator Tool can help you tally up fuel costs vs. flight costs. Secondly, it’s a lot easier. You just dump your bags in the trunk and set off. At the airport, you’ve got to check in bags, go through security, wait for your plane. And, once you disembark, you’ve got to wait for your bags all over again!

Thirdly, in the car, you’ll see a lot more of the country you’re visiting! You’re also far more in charge of your own timetable, meaning you can stop off at interesting looking sights and towns on the way. You might well discover your new favourite place by doing this.

Another way you can save money on a trip across Australia is by hiring a camper van. This means that not only do you have your own transport, you also have your own accommodation.

10035345914_08fd4e9249_z.jpgImage link

Have I given myself enough time to make the most of the trip?

One of the most common complaints people have about visiting Australia is that they just didn’t have enough time! You’ll have to check what your visa allows, but give yourself as much leeway on your trip as possible. One such way to do this is to book a one-way flight. This means that you can stay as long as work and your visa will allow, and aren’t constrained by a flight back.

Having more time on your hands is sure to equal a more enjoyable trip. If you have a time limit, you might feel rushed or stressed. Travelling always takes up more time than we imagine, so you might even have to miss things you were really excited about.

Does my budget cover all eventualities?

We all know that it’s better to over-estimate the cost of your trip than underestimate. But have you prepared for all eventualities? Say you miss your flight and need to stay another week. Have you got the money saved up to for accommodation? Similarly, if you decide to book your flight home while you’re in Australia, do you have a separate pool of money for this? If so, make sure you don’t dip into it under any circumstances. No, not even for one last beer on the beach.

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