Incredible things to do during a gap year in South Africa

South Africa has become an increasingly popular gap year destination, and it’s not hard to see why. With exotic animals, incredible cities and vast landscapes to name but a few, it’s a place of wonder and excitement. It also has plenty of opportunities and activities for gap year students to do during their time here. Which further enhances it’s appeal and encourages more and more students to come here each year. So if you’re considering visiting South Africa during your gap year, here are some incredible things you can do.


Do some volunteer work

As with most gap year destinations, there are a whole host of ways that gap year students can volunteer their services in South Africa. You could volunteer as a teacher to educate disadvantaged children and adults. Or help local communities by assisting with building and construction. South Africa has a whole host of animals, many of which are becoming endangered. So why not volunteer at an animal sanctuary or on a conservation project. Your work with them will help to protect and care for their incredible animals and habitats. Regardless of how choose to volunteer your skills, you’ll be making a significant difference to many lives. You’ll also make loads of new friends and discover a lot about yourself.


Go on an adventure

If you have a real sense of adventure and love trying out new things, Africa has many adventure travel options to choose from. You could visit a remote, exotic island such as Thanda Island and swim with whale sharks and sea turtles. Or you could learn how to surf in Africa’s beautiful crystal clear waters. Bungee jumping into canyons and trekking through the wilderness are also popular choices for gap year students. But the best way to find adventure in this incredible place is by going on safari. Parks such as Kruger National Park are some of the most famous wildlife reserves in the world. You could try a sunset or early morning drive through the reserve and spot some of Africa’s most iconic creatures. This beautiful place is just off the island of Tanzania and is a real gem to visit.


Improve your education

While you may be taking a gap year from education back home, that doesn’t mean your learning has to be put on hold. So while you’re here why not boost your knowledge and skills even further with a study abroad program. Being in a fascinating place such as South Africa will make your studies far more exciting. There are academic courses for international students at University and high school level in an array of subjects. These include sports science, environmental studies and political sciences. You can pick and choose the courses you want to get involved in and could boost your career prospects and skills when you get home.

As you can see, South Africa could be the gap year destination of your dreams. No matter how you choose to spend your time here, it’s a place that you will instantly fall in love with. It will leave it’s own unique mark and open your eyes to a world of possibilities.

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5 Responses to Incredible things to do during a gap year in South Africa

  1. A very inspiring post for those considering gap years!

  2. Great post.. it looks amazing!

  3. I’m doing some volunteer work in South Africa next January – what have you done there? And any advice? Thanks!x

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