Holiday ideas for animal lovers

Planning a trip of a lifetime and want to incorporate our animal friends? Want to take a loved one who loves animals on a trip of their lifetime. Then this article is the one for you. Read on for four vacation ideas both you and your guests will love.

Safari, South Africa

What list about vacations that incorporate animals would be complete without mention of a Safari? South Africa is arguably the best place on earth for a Safari of a lifetime. Every time you head out into the wild, you’ll see different animals. Spot giraffes, lions, wildebeest on one day, and hippos and zebras on another! The variety of animals you can see will blow you away. Plus, the fact that you’re out in the wild in their own home makes the experience even more thrilling Go rustic and sleep in a tent, or go for all-out luxury. Check out if you fancy the latter. Whichever you choose, the experience of a Safari shouldn’t be missed by anyone, let alone someone who truly adores nature.

Animals you’ll get to see- all sorts!

Turtle Conservation, Costa Rica

5093209695_c313f1ea4e_b.jpgPhoto link

Taking on the title of marine conservation volunteer, your work will contribute to the well-being of Costa Rica’s sea turtles. Volunteers do surveys every night to monitor the nesting turtles and their eggs. You will then relocate the eggs to a place where they can hatch safely, and then release them back into the sea when they are ready. Not only is the holiday very hands-on, but it’s also super educational. You’ll also help to keep the beach and your campsite clean and well-maintained. You’ll come away with an amazing feeling of satisfaction, having done your bit to change the world for the better. Plus, you’ll have gotten to see the beautiful Costa Rica. Win-win!

Animals you’ll get to work with- sea turtles.

Sleep At London Zoo, England

The Gir Lion Lodge only opened in 2016, so head here and you will be one of the first ever guests! It is within the Land of Lions development at ZSL London Zoo in Regent’s Park, London. You stay in a lodge for one night, but over that time frame get three tours. One in the evening, one after nightfall and another one in the morning. The package also comes with dinner and breakfast,  plus entry into the zoo.

Animals you’ll get to see- all sorts, especially lions!

Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

3429996337_db6120ed9d_bImage link

Elephant Nature Park is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre. It can be found in Northern Thailand, near Chiang Mai City. Not only can you go along for a visit, but you can even volunteer with the elephants that live there. The elephants have not been captured, but rescued, and each now lives out its days in natural surroundings. As a volunteer, you can get involved in lots of different activities, including helping to heal the animals. It’s not just elephants that you’ll find at the park, however. There are also buffalos and even rescued cats and dogs.

Animals you’ll get to work with- elephants.

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