How you can change the world in your own way

Everybody wants to change the world a little bit. However, many don’t go about it because they think they have to make a grand gesture or do something massive, like win the lottery and give it all to charity. You don’t need to do anything huge to change the world. Making small changes in your life can mean you are changing the world in your own way, whether others can directly tell you are or not. Here are some ideas:

Be more eco friendly

Become more eco friendly in anyway you can. For example, you can simply make the effort to use less water around the home. Over time, that would make a huge difference to not only the world, but your bills too! You can slowly implement more changes once you feel comfortable with the changes you’ve made too. For example, you could then go on to grow your own vegetables. Install solar panels. There are so many more things you can do to become eco friendly, and all you have to do is take one small step at a time.

Stop eating meat or eat less

The meat industry can be a cruel place, but that’s for a completely different blog post. Becoming a vegetarian or vegan isn’t for everybody, but there’s no denying that it can help the world in huge ways. Not only does it help the animals, it lessens the amount of energy and waste created by the meat industry too. Animals are killed and eaten at an alarming rate, so even just cutting back could be a huge help. You could get involved with ‘meat free Mondays’ and see how you feel.

Buy secondhand/ vintage clothing

Second hand clothing isn’t all rubbish. You might find some amazing bargains that you never would have found in a high street store. The same goes with vintage clothing. Not only will you have a bargain, you’ll own something nobody else has. Talk about a unique sense of style!


Work out what your purpose is

By working out what your purpose is, you can then share it with the world. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, like becoming a motivational speaker or Queen of England. Even if you’re sure your purpose is making cakes, you’ll change the world in your own way. People will love your creations, and you’ll spread way more joy doing something that you love.

Volunteer or give to charity

Even if you only give your spare change to a charity every so often, it’s better than nothing. Every little helps! If you want to do more, you could volunteer or start fundraising. You could even get involved with things described here:

Be kind to other people

Being kind to others isn’t something everybody does, and it’s a shame. The way you are treated is up to other people, but the way you treat them is up to you. You choose how you react to certain situations. By controlling your emotions and being kind to others, you can make the world a better place. Many say karma is a real thing!

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