A simple guide to California

The Californian state of America is large and varied state from the Mexican border all the way up the Pacific coastline for around 900 miles. With its cliff-sided coastline, redwood forest, mountainous and desert regions; it is home to many stunning locations,. Whether you’re exploring this state as much as possible or heading to some of the main city’s; there will always be something to do in this iconic state. Here is a little guide to some of the well-known cities in California.


Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a sunny southern city that is famed for being the hub of TV and film. Many of the biggest cinematic providers are based in LA such as Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers. Some of these organizations offer behind the scenes tours which is an awesome experience. However, who can forget the iconic Hollywood sign on the top of the hill?

Los Angeles has many shops and luxurious restaurants to entice you to vacation in this hot spot. With warm weather all year, it’s a place worth visiting.


Sacramento is the capital of the Californian state and lies in Old Sacramento; where you can see how things use to be in the Gold Rush era. With wooden sidewalks and wagons lining the street, the museum is definitely worth a visit. 

For a day of family fun, visit the Sacramento Zoo and The California Automobile Museum. The kids and adults will have a marvelous time.


San Francisco

This wonderful city is in the north of California. From the iconic Golden Gate bridge to its colourful Victorian houses there is a lot to marvel at.  San Francisco is known for its year-round fog and hilly landscape and the cable car is a great way to see the scenic views. There is also Alcatraz Island, famous for being the notorious former prison that should be on the list of places to visit.

San Diego

This city is on the Pacific coast and is known for its beaches, parks and lovely warm climate. The Balboa Park is host to the famous San Diego zoo. You can also explore the harbour, where there is an array of naval presence. One of the carriers, the USS Midway, has been turned into an interesting museum – perfect for the family to enjoy. 

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a city downtown from Los Angeles. With palm lined roads and a more relaxed vibe; the famous Santa Monica Pier should be your first port of call. The well-known muscle beach is a must-see. If you want something a little more refined, then further in town is an array of art galleries with impressive exhibitions.

California has so much to offer. This state has it all so consider one of these destinations for your next vacation.

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