Five exciting adventures to add to your travel bucket list

Travelling is a real passion for some people and some of those people are lucky enough to travel the world. Others may have to work hard for one holiday a year; however, I think most people, regardless of whether travelling is a huge passion, will have some form of travel bucket list. Here are five exciting adventures that you need to add to your travel bucket list.


Fly over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter

In the state of Arizona, you will find the vast Grand Canyon. Over 266 miles long and 18 miles wide, it’s a huge area showcasing some of the Eearth’s geological history. Some of the canyons have a height of a mile which is over 6000 feet. The best way to see this wonder is in the air and most people state it’s one of the things they have to do in their lifetime. It’s an amazing experience.

Walk The Great Wall of China

It would take you over 18 months to walk the entire wall. Some of it have yet to be restored. But it is one of China’s national treasure and a wonder of the world and cannot be seen from space. Some might argue it is just a wall but it is something that a lot of people would like to do. There are many walking tours you can take to see the special parts of the wall and it will be an experience never to forget.


Experience the wonders of the Great Ocean Road

This no ordinary coastal road; it is one of the most iconic and scenic routes you will ever take. Along this road you will see the staggering 12 Apostles, crashing surf breaks, waves, misty waterfalls and towns full of life and vibrancy. There are many ways to explore this road in Victoria, Australia. There are coastal walks or why not take the Great Ocean Road Tour which is guaranteed to highlight the most spectacular parts of the road. It’s a 151 mile stretch of road from the Victorian towns of Torquay through to Allansford near Warrnambool. 

Drive down Route 66 in a convertible Cadillac

It’s the American dream, right? Driving in a convertible Cadillac with a huge stretch of road in front of you. The road itself is 2441 miles long and passes through many cities such as Texas and Oklahoma. There are many iconic places to stay along the route. With many famous motels and diners. It’s the true American experience.

Have a selfie with the Christ The Redeemer Statue

You may perhaps not want to have a “selfie” with this impressive statue but many people want to be in it’s presence. Christ The Redeemer statue is iconic in Rio De Janeiro. Many people believe that this statue is the ultimate religious symbol stood today. Standing atop 2300 ft Corcovado Mountain, this is an experience to treasure for a lifetime.

I hope this inspires you to dream big with your travel destinations for the future.

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